Why Wright Matters: Obama's on a Mission from God


When Elwood retrieved his brother Jake from Joliet prison, the two went on a pilgrimage to their childhood Catholic orphanage.  Their pitiful orphanage was under siege from Chicago's infamously oppressive tax regime and was being put out of business.  For inspiration, the brothers were directed to a Chicago Baptist church.  The church was filled with laughter and love, song and dance, and miraculous divine inspiration that set the Blues Brothers on their own mission with a purpose: keep hope alive for Chicago orphans by paying off the corrupt Chicago regime.

The movie rendition of an all-black Baptist church led by the charismatic James Brown preacher, thrilling his flock with high-spirited love and devotion, is what gave The Blues Brothers soul.  This was what America imagined successful, loving black churches in Chicago looked like.  No wonder, then, that Reverend Wright's scream for God to damn America is so jarring even to this day.

Reverend Wright's sentiment and his rants do not belong in any American church.  Getting people high on hating America and its so-called white oppressors is what carnival barkers like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson do for a living.  Most Americans still find it hard to reconcile the rage and the hate being preached at our president's old house of worship.  Christians get high on love, not hate.  Christians are encouraged to be forgiving, not condemning.  Christians seek to spread the good news and Christ's commandment that "[y]ou shall love your neighbor as yourself."  The hate and seeds of division being spouted at the president's church are an assault on Jesus Christ, and everyone knows it.

So is Mitt Romney right?  Should we dismiss Jeremiah Wright as just another phony street agitator like Sharpton and Jackson?  Do we need this distraction from the economic ruin Obama has wrought?  As an exercise in academic free thought, I think we do. 

Black Liberation Theology is a phony cult concocted by Marxists to divide America along racial lines on the American continents.  It explains how Hugo Chávez came to power.  This toxic Marxist theology helps explain Obama's destructive presidency.  It explains why racial division is being stoked by Obama's White House and his legions in the media.  Obama is a true believer in the idea that "rich white people" are to blame for the poor living standards of black Chicago orphans.  To wit: blacks and minorities are victims of an unjust system that rewards the few at the expense of the many.  Our system is inherently unfair, and Obama inherited an unjust system.  And Obama seeks to fundamentally transform that system -- "the man," the free market, and the powers of each uniquely individual American.  To Obama, a true believer, all the world's ills can be laid at the feet of America's enlightened Western free-enterprise economic system. 

Obama's false religion explains why he seems to have a chip on his shoulder about the country he is supposed to serve.  It explains the truly queer Reverend Wright quotation which Obama says inspired him to write Dreams from My Father: "White folks' greed runs a world in need."  Obama claims that it was this hateful sermon that brought tears to his eyes.  And it is no wonder Obama has a dim view of white people in power; he was and is surrounded by dishonest, power-grabbing white liberals from the corrupt Chicago Democrat Party.

Obama's faith that America is to blame for the world's ills is why he avoids talking about how America liberated over 5 million Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait.  Obama does not know, nor does he care, that Kuwaiti children are named after Bush and not Hussein.  Obama's inculcated hatred for the American system explains why he married a woman who was not proud of her country until Barack ran for office.  Obama's inculcation into Black Liberation Theology explains why the president felt the need to go on a global apology tour on behalf of a disbelieving nation.  It helps to explain why the American left blithely describes the Israeli nation as illegitimate invaders and occupiers who practice Apartheid.

It's not that the Reverend Wright is anti-Semitic per se.  Wright and Obama simply see the Palestinians as all theologians of Marxist Liberation Theology do; what ails the Palestinians is that they are oppressed to live in the freest, safest, and most prosperous nation in the middle east: Israel.  To Obama, the Palestinians living in Israel are suffering under a Western free-market democracy; therefore, they are suffering in a "world of need" run by white people's greed.

Obama's worldview is so simple to see. It is so simple to understand.  What motivates Obama is so simple to explain, if only a free media would bother to expose it.  Cockamamie, but simple.  Obama believes he is on a mission from God to upend our oppressive free-market system and replace it with mystic utopian "fairness" as yet to be determined by enlightened ruling-class elites like him.

Black Liberation Theology explains Obama's fuzzy utopian vision, where everybody pays his fair share (to government statists like Obama), and everyone has equal work and equal pay in a government-subsidized fantasy industry.  Obama's mission explains his blind hubris and his laughable preaching to his fellow Americans to "be their brother's keeper" while his own brother, George Obama, lives in a hut in crushing poverty under Marxist rule.  What an embarrassment.  According to Obama's own written words, the American free-market system is to blame for George Obama's crushing poverty.  Indeed, white men's greed runs a world in need.

Obama's religion of hate explains the rabid protesters bused into various cities last year.  The Occupy (bowel) Movement was an orchestrated Obama-White-House human waste of time.  America is not clamoring to eat the rich, for we are our brother's keeper.

Obama's religion of hate helps explain the hatred of Sarah Palin.  Governor Palin is proud of and confident in America and the Western free-market system.  This is why the left is trying to destroy her to this day.  She speaks like Rush Limbaugh and looks dynamite in a skirt.  You want to see a real "war on women"?  Obama's supporters burned down Sarah Palin's church while women and children were inside. 

Obama's religion of hate explains his administration of the truly Orwellian "two minutes of hate."  First we are to hate on the banks for two minutes.  Next we hate on the oil companies for two minutes.  Next we hate on doctors.  Then we are to hate the insurance companies, Wall Street, pharmaceutical companies, Warren Buffett's tax rate, and let us not forget the two-minute hate of this particular day: we are to hate 1% of our American brothers and sisters because it's not fair that they are rich while Obama's brother lives in a hut. 

The problem with seeding hatred is that while it gives an adrenalin high and a quick fix for the stupid, in the end, it is not uplifting -- nor is it the truth.  It is not inspirational.  It is the stuff that motivates mobs, not nations.  It is as tiring and boring as a liberal college professor.  It is understandable why Romney does not want to focus on Obama's motivational belief system.  Marxist Liberation Theology is just too cockamamie to explain in a political ad.

Obama is blinded by hatred of the "system."  He was inculcated at a young age by skilled practitioners of his cult.  Obama is, after all, a red-diaper baby raised by committed Marxists, mentored by committed Marxists, baptized by a committed Marxist, schooled by committed Marxists, and being given kudos and policy advice by the committed Marxists he surrounds himself with to this very day.  Obama can be excused for being an indoctrinated true believer and the left's last best hope for "social justice," but that doesn't mean that we should put up with his deep-seated Marxism ruining our nation.

Alas, liberalism is dead, and socialism is killing nations far and wide in front of everyone's eyes.  Most Americans would rather avoid the crushing poverty that the un-kept George Obama must endure. 

We Hobbits should remember that our president's misguided mission to transform America is being put to a vote and coming to an end.  Too many people are on to the scams of the liberal left.  It will be important to remember and teach to others what you saw at the American Communist coup d'état.  It was a fizzling flop narrated by white folks who defecated on police cars.  Pity the left and their blind hatred for America.  And vote them out.

I tend to agree with Romney.  America does not need to know the horrible "truths" that motivate our president's policies.  Obama's mission to transform America was doomed from the beginning.  We love our country, and we each other.  We even love poor lost souls like Reverend Wright.  May God bless him, and may God bless America.