Who Cares About Wright the Second Time Around?

When the videos of Obama's angry pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, hit voters' TV screens in March of 2008, Obama's favorable ratings plummeted.  The number of Democrats saying he would be their nominee fell 20%.  In a Rasmussen poll, a strong 56% of likely voters thought Obama shared some of Wright's views.  Soon after, we were told the Wright story was over, that it was racist, and never to mention it again. Democrats and mainstream media then and now insist that Obama's church is off-limits, while simultaneously attacking Mormonism.  "If Mormons are such responsible people, why are voters turned off?" asks the New York Times, while TIME magazine piously intones, "Associating Obama with Wright's radical views raises the specter of racial stereotyping ... knowingly discounting his stated positions and making assumptions that may be influenced by his race."  It is less clear why Republicans continue to cave in to the Democrat pressure to shut up.  The...(Read Full Article)