The Media Mess of Pottage?

The 2012 election season has begun in earnest, and the mainstream media find themselves in the position of having to defend and reinforce a failed president, Barack Obama -- the man they chose to sleep with in 2008.  The media are systematically pulling out all the stops to destroy Mitt Romney, the Tea Party movement, and major Republican financial contributors in an undeclared but understood alliance with the Obama re-election machine. The two pre-eminent pillars of the mainstream media, The Washington Post and The New York Times, have put all Republicans on notice that the media will hunt down rumors of anything untoward, even as far back as from when these Republicans were in high school, and feature it on their front page regardless of its veracity.  Further, any conservative thinking of speaking out against Barack Obama, even if he plans to spend his own money, will be publicly labeled as a racist and a bigot, and his business will be the target of left-wing pressure...(Read Full Article)