Romney Is Wrong on Wright

Yesterday Romney was asked by Townhall's Guy Bensen if the Reverend Jeremiah Wright is "fair game" in the 2012 election.  Romney gave the wrong answer.  He quickly rebuked a conservative PAC for considering an ad about Obama and Wright.  The TV ad campaign proposal had been leaked to the New York Times, and was already being labeled racially charged.  According to the Times, the Romney team has decided not to assail Obama's "likability," for fear personal attacks will backfire with independents. Message to the Republican establishment:  do not muzzle those of us who want to focus on Obama's troubling history with angry Marxists, black and white, including Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers.   This is not about race.  It is about knowing who Obama is, understanding what he has already done to our country, and what he is capable of doing.  The issue of Reverend Wright is not peripheral, it is central.  It gets to the heart of the differences...(Read Full Article)