Obama's Moral Compass

On July 2, 2011, Rep. Trent Franks, a member of the House Committee on Armed Services, denounced the Obama administration's policy of "limited contacts" with Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood.  Franks emphatically stated that "the [Obama] administration is fooling themselves as well as placing the United States and Israel in severe danger if they fail to recognize the fallout that would stem from the Muslim Brotherhood gaining significant and newfound influence in Egyptian policies following the September elections."

Completely ignoring this grave security risk, Obama enlarged the "limited contact" to a full public endorsement of a group whose codified aim is to murder Jews, exterminate Israel, and infiltrate the West and destroy it from within.  According to Discover the Networks, Muslim Brotherhood operative Mohamed Akram espoused the "common goal of dismantling American institutions and turning the U.S. into a Muslim nation." 

In fact, Akram was "well aware that in the U.S., it would be extremely difficult to promote Islam by means of terror attacks. Thus the 'grand jihad' that he and his Brotherhood comrades envisioned was not a violent one involving bombings and shootings, but rather a
stealth (or 'soft') jihad aiming to impose Islamic law (Sharia) over every region of the earth by incremental, non-confrontational means, such as working to 'expand the observant Muslim base'; to 'unif[y] and direc[t] Muslims' efforts'; and to 'present Islam as a civilization alternative.' At its heart, Akram's document details a plan to conquer and Islamize the United States - not as an ultimate objective, but merely as a stepping stone toward the larger goal of one day creating 'the global Islamic state.'"

Hence, "[t]he ultimate objective [is] not only an enlarged Muslim presence, but also implementation of the Brotherhood objectives of transforming pluralistic societies, particularly America, into Islamic states, and sweeping away Western notions of legal equality, freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech."

Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch, explains that  "Egypt's parliament, which is dominated by two pro-Sharia Islamic supremacist groups, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists, voted unanimously [in early March 2012] to expel Israel's ambassador to Egypt, and signaled that the Camp David Accords would soon be a thing of the past: Egypt, the parliamentarians declared, would 'never' be Israel's ally. In fact, Israel was Egypt's 'number one enemy.' And how did Barack Obama respond to this egregious trampling upon the agreement that has kept an uneasy peace between Israel and Egypt for thirty years? By announcing a resumption of military aid to Egypt."

So a group that publicly espouses destruction of American Judeo-Christian values and freedoms receives an open invitation to the White House.  Furthermore, Obama bypasses congressional approval and gives $1.5 billion dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Washington Post journalist William Wan notes that Obama has turned a blind eye to the daily dismantling of any democratic parameters in Egypt despite American congressional restrictions and objections from human rights and democracy advocates about the ascendancy of the Muslim Brotherhood.

A recent movie available here entitled Daylight: The Story of Obama and Israel highlights the mercurial nature of Obama's track record toward Israel and the Jews.  It is particularly important to view in light of the recent news that American Jewry continues to be openly supportive of Obama.

So where is this president who is so concerned with "women's rights" when the Muslim Brotherhood continues "to oppress women, secularists and minority Copts under Islamic Shariah law?"  Mere utterances of holiday goodwill do not cover up his indifference to women and minority religious groups who are truly oppressed.  We now see the real intent of the so-called Arab Spring that Obama touted so enthusiastically.

Let's continue to examine the facts. 

President Barack Obama appointed Hannah Rosenthal as the State Department's new special envoy to monitor and combat anti-Semitism. She visited the Swedish city of Malmo in April 2012 because Muslim attacks on Jews have become so common in this Swedish city that the Simon Wiesenthal Center has advised Jews to avoid traveling to the country altogether.  But as one learns, Hannah Rosenthal holds the "insidious belief that Jews are to blame for antisemitism because of their support for Israel."  

In fact, Ms. Rosenthal rebuked Israeli Ambassador Michel Oren for describing the activist J-Group as "dangerous" to Israeli security.  J Street is funded by George Soros, an anti-Israel secular Jewish billionaire who blames Jews for anti-Semitism.  Rosenthal was a former director of J Street.  In 2010, Daniel Pipes wrote that "the Arab-Israeli debate in the United States has changed to the point that 'Jews' no longer adequately define the actively pro-Israel camp.  As Jewish defamers of Israel grow more prominent and organize themselves (think J Street), so do ardently pro-Israel non-Jews (think Christians United for Israel)."  What an irony!

Furthermore, Rosenthal has served with the group Americans for Peace Now, which is part of the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement, a movement that seeks to delegitimize Israel through any means possible.

In August 2011, President Obama created an Atrocities Prevention Board.  He appointed Samantha Power, special assistant to the president and senior director for multilateral affairs and human rights and author of A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide.  When asked what she would recommend with respect to the Palestine-Israel situation if one party appeared to be moving toward genocide, Ms. Power responded by stating that America might have to alienate "a domestic constituency of tremendous political and financial support" (i.e., American Jews) in order to invest "in the state of Palestine."  The pernicious canard about Jews and wealth is insulting and hearkens back to the age-old Protocols of the Elders of Zion.  Moreover, Ms. Power totally ignores the continuing legacy of non-compliance by the Palestinian leadership and the never-ending destruction rained on Israel by Islamic terrorists -- but she hints at "a meaningful [American] military presence" into Israel!

And whatever happened to the $20.3 million of U.S. taxpayer money for the "urgent refugee and migration needs ... related to humanitarian needs of Palestinian refugees and conflict victims in Gaza" that Obama gave in 2009?  Gaza is now under Hamas control.  This is now Palestine.  How can these residents be considered refugees?  Furthermore, have they stopped the heinous anti-Semitic and anti-American education of young Palestinian children?  In the May 9, 2012 newsletter of the Palestinian Media Watch, one learns the following:

"A children's program teaching arts and crafts on official Palestinian Authority TV instructed children how to make models of 'Palestine.' The shape of the map of 'Palestine,' which was cut out of paper, included all of Israel. Adding a political message, PA TV taught the children to cover the entire model with the colors of the Palestinian flag, symbolizing Palestinian sovereignty over the whole area."

Additionally, the Palestinian leaders that Israel is supposed to negotiate with have once again honored terrorist Dalal Mughrabi.  Thus, the Palestinian Authority "practice of honoring Dalal Mughrabi and presenting her as a role model for youth continues. In 1978, a group of terrorists led by Dalal Mughrabi sailed from Lebanon to Israel to carry out a terror attack. They hijacked a bus and killed 37 Israeli civilians."

Moreover, Palestinian children are told they are "created to be fertilizer for [the] land of Palestine, to saturate [the] land with their blood."

I haven't heard President Obama or Secretary of State Clinton make any commentary concerning the annihilation of a country and the teaching of hatred within the Palestinian community.  Why no anti-bullying censure from Obama -- especially since this genocidal impulse is being supported with American taxpayer money?

The corruption of the "security" forces of the Palestinian Authority permitted Hamas to continue their terror in the West Bank.  Journalists who wish to expose the story are told they put their lives at risk should they pursue the facts.  Yet the American money spigot never dries up as the lawlessness continues.

Moreover, Obama quite deliberately undermined Israel's negotiating position when he demanded that Israel withdraw to 1967 borders when negotiating with the Palestinians.  This means that "the starting point of negotiations," according to Obama, "would be that the Western Wall and even Jerusalem's Jewish Quarter" are up for grabs and that "in order to retain them, Israel has to surrender parts of itself."  Moral travesty comes to mind with such a suggestion.

Not shy about inserting himself into an issue before all the facts are known, Obama has been strangely mute about the anti-Semitism rampant in the Occupy Wall Street crowd.  Instead, Obama states that the OWS is "expressing the frustration that American people feel." 

I guess this was not a "teachable moment" to distinguish anti-Semitic rant from righteous indignation.

As the nuclear clock keeps ticking down in Iran, a most revealing comment was made by an administration official who told the Washington Post that Obama's administration "is trying to make the [Israeli] decision to attack [Iran] as hard as possible for Israel."  As Charles Krauthammer has noted, this is "revealing and shocking. The world's greatest exporter of terror (according to the State Department), the systematic killer of Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan, the self-declared enemy that invented 'Death to America Day' is approaching nuclear capability -- and the focus of U.S. policy is to prevent a democratic ally threatened with annihilation from preempting the threat?" 

Can it be said, as Aaron Goldstein of the American Spectator has written, that "[t]he Obama administration's unbridled hostility towards our only true friend in the Middle East is an act of moral cowardice"?

Would Obama in his fatuous bid to gay marriage have the courage to remember gay Dutch sociologist and writer Pim Fortuyn, who was gunned down in the Netherlands on May 6, 2002 because he "saw [that] the precipitous rise of Islam in the West, and especially in his own nation, was a catastrophic development, and he was determined to do everything he could to preserve the liberty and equality that he cherished before it was too late"?  Let it not be forgotten that under sharia law, being gay is punishable by stoning.  Haven't heard Obama rail against that.

Even as reports continue to surface about jihadists infiltrating the American border, Obama pushes on with lawsuits against Arizona and other states who wish to follow federal immigration law.  Obama's pandering to the Hispanic community in order to amass more political clout translates into less security for all Americans and a furtherance of the jihadist ideology.  If there is another credible reason for his actions, I have yet to hear it.  Claims of racism are mere distractions, since Mexicans and Americans are being murdered because of the porous border between the two countries.  At some point in time, we must wrestle with the implications of the idea that "if there is a question, then there is no question"1.  At some point in time, we must conclude that a man is truly known by the company he keeps and the people he appoints who carry out his plans.

Eileen can be reached at middlemarch@18gmail.com.

1Gavin De Becker. The Gift of Fear: Survival Signals that Protect Us From Violence. New York: Dell Publishing, 1997.

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