NPR v. Fox News: Who Is the Smartest of Them All?

It's happened to every talk radio listener.  You're running errands on Saturday morning.  Forgot to bring the iPod with the Rush 24/7 podcasts.  One AM station has an infomercial about investing in gold coins, the other a rerun of the Laura Ingraham show you heard yesterday.  You hesitate, but you decide to push the FM button.  But...the radio is still tuned to last night's blues show on NPR, and suddenly you are exposed to "Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me," the radio game show where well-informed liberal robots regurgitate the previous week's New York Times headlines by responding to multiple-choice questions, to the accompaniment of equally sophisticated audience members and hosts chuckling about how well-informed everyone in their liberal bubble is.  Or as NPR phrases it: WWDTM, the "wacky and whip-smart approach to the week's news and newsmakers, is the oddly informative news quiz from NPR."  In other words, it is a truly fingernails-on-a-chalkboard,...(Read Full Article)