Newton (MA) saves money by going green. Sort of. Not really.

A recent press release from Massachusetts Governor Patrick's office joined the unanimous praise for the City of Newton, a suburb of Boston with a population of 84,000: Last week, Mayor [Seti] Warren signed a contract requiring 100 percent of municipal and school department electricity needs - equal to 70 million kilowatt hours over the next three years - come from renewable sources starting on July 1, 2012. The initiative will save the city over $300,000 over the next three years...Newton's decision to power 100 percent of its electricity needs with 'green' and renewable power ...provides a model for other Massachusetts communities to emulate...Another feather in Newton's cap. Going green and saving $300,000.  Who could oppose a win-win deal like this?  A little research reveals, however, that the story is inaccurate on two essential points: Firstly, the headlines make it appear that Newton saved money because their green energy was cheaper.  This clearly does not...(Read Full Article)