Muhammad Raped while Bobby Stayed Mum

The cult of diversity has claimed four dozen more victims.  On May 8, 2012, nine men were convicted of rape, conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with minors, trafficking for sexual exploitation, conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with children, sexual assault, and aiding and abetting a rape.  All nine of the men are Muslim, eight are British Pakistani, and one is Afghani.  The gruesome details of the crime are in themselves barbaric, but the responses from British police are languid and discomfiting.

The national scandal began in 2005 as the nine men in the Manchester area, some of them taxi drivers, would lure many young teenage girls, often 13 to 15 years old, with free food, drugs, and alcohol.  The girls came from shoddy backgrounds; many were teenage runaways and living on social services.  Once they were high or drunk, they were beaten and raped.  They were passed around to other men, mostly of Pakistani descent, where they would be gang-raped by three to five men a night.  One case involved a 13-year-old who became pregnant after she was gang-raped by three men.  And yet another disgusting incident involved a 15-year-old who was so drunk that she threw up off the side of the bed while two Pakistani men raped her.  Another involved a 15-year-old who was gang-raped by 20 men in one night. 

The Telegraph stated, "There were 631 documented cases of abuse over a five-year period, and many will have been too afraid to tell their story."

The nine men were between the ages of 22 and 59.  One of the men, Abdul Rauf, a married father of five, also happens to be a religious studies teacher at a local mosque.  The men received a total prison sentence of 77 years.

The rapes are a tragedy -- it is a tragedy that vulnerable girls can be so easily abducted, raped, and abused.  However, it is the delayed response by police and civil service in the area that is the national scandal.  In August of 2008, one of the victims, then 15 years old, went to police and social workers; she provided the police with DNA evidence to back up her story of being gang-raped.  Twice the police refused to prosecute.  She continued to be raped by up to five men a night, four or five nights a week.  Former Labour MP Ann Cryer said the silence of the Manchester Bobbies is due to the fact that they were "petrified of being called racists."  The Manchester police and Rochdale social services publicly apologized, but their fears of being given the scarlet "R" were not in vain.

The accusation of racism can end public servants' careers, so oftentimes they must revert to political correctness.

Political correctness was also the fallback for most of the politicians in the House of Commons.  Leading MP Keith Vaz stated that the gang-rapes were "appalling" but that it was important not to "stigmatize an entire community."  He later stated, "I don't think this has anything to do with race."

However, Equalities and Human Rights Commission chief Trevor Phillips said, "I think anybody who says that the fact that most of the men are Asian and most of the children are white is not relevant, I mean that's just fatuous."  Nazir Afzal, the chief crown prosecutor, who himself is a Muslim, stated that some immigrants bring "cultural baggage" with them from misogynistic societies.

The link between the crime and the girls' race is undeniable according to top officials in the Human Rights Commission, and yet most media outlets outside the U.K. still ignore the case.  Had roles been reversed and it were twenty white men gang-raping a Muslim woman, the international media would not rest until there was blood in the streets.  The hype of the Trayvon Martin murder is simply ignored when the victims cannot produce the narrative most multiculturalists in the mainstream media wish to project.

It is a sad day for Great Britain on the whole, not just for her victimized daughters -- for the nation which at one point had an empire so large that the sun never set on it has now been reduced to a nation of cowards.  If a nation cannot perform its most basic obligation to protect its citizenry because its leaders prioritize protecting their multicultural ideology, that nation and its culture are dead.  In the West, theological faith has given way to political religion -- a religion predicated upon self-deception and self-destruction, a religion, which may yet be proven to be as fatal for the West as it has so callously negligent toward these young girls.  If Western civilization and all the fruit it has borne are to survive this seeming twilight, then both the ideology of multiculturalism and the cult of diversity must be defeated.

Ryan James Girdusky writes from New York City.  He is a contributor to and has been published in many outlets including, the American Spectator, and the Christian Science Monitor.

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