You Are Left or You Are Left Behind: Lessons in Multicultural Cruelty

Dear Conservative Friends, Below I have reprinted one of the most painful letters I have ever received.  Sandra and I (as all names herein, this is a pseudonym) were the only two people in our doctoral program cohort for three and a half years.  As a team of two, we took the same courses and endured the same abuse from the same professors.  We would eagerly share gossip and insights after every class and commiserate after every intellectual and emotional hurdle.  Through our frequent meals and shared struggles we became very close.  In the letter below, Sandra tells me that her "integrity as a global citizen" demands that she no longer communicate with me. After reading the letter below, imagine Sandra's openness on a hiring committee!  The domination of academia's multicultural dogma means that Americans cannot discuss Islam, immigration, or many other vital topics without being called "racist."  I have tried in vain to explain that sustaining the...(Read Full Article)