You Are Left or You Are Left Behind: Lessons in Multicultural Cruelty

Dear Conservative Friends,

Below I have reprinted one of the most painful letters I have ever received.  Sandra and I (as all names herein, this is a pseudonym) were the only two people in our doctoral program cohort for three and a half years.  As a team of two, we took the same courses and endured the same abuse from the same professors.  We would eagerly share gossip and insights after every class and commiserate after every intellectual and emotional hurdle.  Through our frequent meals and shared struggles we became very close.  In the letter below, Sandra tells me that her "integrity as a global citizen" demands that she no longer communicate with me.

After reading the letter below, imagine Sandra's openness on a hiring committee!  The domination of academia's multicultural dogma means that Americans cannot discuss Islam, immigration, or many other vital topics without being called "racist."  I have tried in vain to explain that sustaining the West provides the greatest hope for women, LGBT folk, and freedom of conscience; after the West falls, Western "human rights" values will not predominate.  Protecting the West is progressive.  This chilling letter shows the extent to which multiculturalism is a cult and not system of beliefs open to debate.

You should learn from my mistakes. I stepped down as the head of the Brooklyn Tea Party when two of my oldest friends threatened to never speak to me again if I continued to advocate "culturism" as an alternative to multiculturalism.  Even after I stepped down, one of them immediately disowned me.  Another has remained friends, but we no longer discuss politics.  I had suspected that Sandra would not speak with me due to political disagreements.  As the letter conveys, I greatly overestimated the extent to which people's hearts can override indoctrination.

Revenge partially motivates my reprinting of this letter.  I am bitter at what multicultural dogma has done to my nation and to my friendships.  I hope that in years to come, Sandra will look up this letter and see what a horrid "humanitarian" she was, call me, and apologize.  But I also hope that somehow a liberal will read it and realize how personally cruel liberal dogmatism has made him or her.  Then perhaps we might begin to restore some tolerance for a diversity of opinions.  Our nation, our hearts, and some friendships might get rescued in the process.

* * *

Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2012 13:42:25 -0400




Dear John,

Writing to you having finally finished all the candidacy requirements, proposal defense, and am looking forward to a summer of dissertation writing.  It must seem like a lifetime ago when we were in classes together.  Jack Franklin and Adam are still plugging away as well - although neither of them make it to Jefferson Square all that much.  There is new student in the program - Jim Bernstein, so a warped form of the entering class of Fall 2006 lives on.

I received your facebook request and notice of your publication and thought that I should actually write you back rather than avoid the topic.  As you know, it has been my idea that backing away was a gentler form of conflict than direct confrontation, however I have more recently discovered that the other party cannot read my mind and communication would save years of misinterpretation.

So basically I was approaching our relationship on a very familiar level with the thought that I don't have to approve of all that my family members believe and do in order to maintain relationships with them. I was very fond of you and really felt like we were comrades-in-arm having survivor hazing from historians in all shapes and forms -be they real, would be, or historian of education.

In the process of becoming a doctoral candidate my bubble was burst and I began to realize that the relational framework in which I lived in was not enough and I have begun to take responsibility for the political consequences and social implications of my own thoughts and actions.  This shedding of my more provincial self, therefore, lead to a more nuanced look at my associations and actions. I could no longer approve-by-association your public work to rally against building a mosque downtown, your concept of Americanization, your tea-party work, blog postings, etc.  I had to begin to consider our relationship not fraternally but as colleagues.

So frankly I cannot approve of your politics and maintain my own personal integrity as a global citizen.  I apologize if this sounds hurtful as I do have a tender spot for you.  I feel as if we grew up together in a certain sense - bumping into the sharp edges within this rabbit hole called NYU.  I fondly remember the steps we traveled together; I am grateful for the company at the time; and I wish you well in the future.

All my best,


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