The Story Unravels: New Questions about Trayvon Martin's Final Hour

It was a fable for our times: Once upon a time, a nice young man set off from his dad's fiancée's home before the NBA All-Star game to buy some Skittles and Arizona Tea for his stepbrother.  Although the lad was seventeen, he looked like a cute twelve-year-old.  Along came a burly ex-con racist vigilante who didn't like the idea of a young African-American male walking around his gated community at night.  The cop-wannabe stalked the frightened boy, cornered him, and then shot him.  But the racist police didn't arrest the murderer.  The conscience of the nation was stirred.  Protests erupted from coast to coast.  The gunning down of young, unarmed black males by white Rambos -- and the occasional "white Hispanic" -- is an all-too-common occurrence in the US of A. Now the MSM narrative is unraveling, thanks to Al Gore's nifty invention, the internet.  The average MSNBC viewer may not have the smarts and curiosity to do a Google search, but other...(Read Full Article)