The Pentagon's New Defense Clandestine Service

Earlier this week, the Associated Press reported a new intelligence initiative coming out of the Pentagon.  We are constantly reminded that intelligence agencies have difficulty sharing their work, yet the Pentagon has decided to create another intelligence agency -- the Defense Clandestine Service.  Many professionals believe that this initiative is doomed to fail. Since the technological revolution, intelligence-collection among human activity has swiftly deteriorated.  Technology has superseded human intelligence (HUMINT) collection efforts with tools such as Signals Intelligence, Measures and Signatures Intelligence, and Open Source.  Today, HUMINT has become an endangered species.  The good news behind the newly formed Defense Clandestine Service demonstrates that America's HUMINT is like the bald eagle -- it may be endangered, but it is making a comeback. America's clandestine activities and HUMINT operations have been crippled by years of internal...(Read Full Article)