The Matricula Consular: The Only Card an Illegal Immigrant Will Ever Need

The "matricula consular" is an identification card issued by a Mexican consulate.  It is designed to be used by illegal immigrants[i].  With this card they can receive federal, state, and local benefits.  The ID card is little-known outside the Hispanic community. The story of the matricula consular[ii] is telling: it proves that government entities, particularly those of the state of Illinois and Cook County, Illinois and other "sanctuary" states, knowingly and actively promote illegal immigration.  In this time of joblessness and home foreclosures, it is astounding that politicians in pro-illegal immigration states have made great efforts to make this card available.  In effect, the cards create a huge financial burden for legal residents and legal immigrants.  Since the state of Illinois has been called "the most pro-illegal immigration state" in the country, its efforts to enable and promote the matricula consular will be discussed here.  Other...(Read Full Article)