Remind Me Again, Which Party is Skeptical of the President's Religion?

President Obama has said on several occasions that his views on gay marriage are "constantly evolving." This strikes me as a curious choice of words.  Most people use the word "evolve" to indicate a change associated with some sort of growth or development.  And while it's true that Obama's views on gay marriage have been changing, I doubt that this change has been progressing in the direction his supporters have in mind. Obama first went on record on the subject back in 1996, when he supported legalizing gay marriage.  This was even before it had become a mainstream Democratic Party platform.  Since then, his views on the subject have in fact begun to "evolve."  In 2004, Obama backed off his support of gay marriage, on which he became undecided, and instead favored civil unions.  By the time his presidential campaign rolled around in 2008, Obama unequivocally opposed legalizing gay marriage.  If his views were to continue to evolve in this same...(Read Full Article)