Obama's Re-Election: A Stake in the Heart of the American Spirit

I love people who think outside the box -- people who do not quickly surrender and throw their unique vision on the trash heap of impossible dreams simply because others disapprove or think it cannot be done. The architect said, OK, let me make sure I understand.  You want me to design a glass building in earthquake country (California), with no interior structural supports obstructing the view to the front, and you have no money.  Dr. Robert Schuller's response was, "Yes."  Dr Schuller's crazy, impossible dream, the Crystal Cathedral, was completed in 1981 and continues to inspire the world. Then there's the crazy knucklehead who said in a board meeting, let's build an eight-acre fountain in the desert with water shooting 150 feet into the air and set to music.  The dancing waters outside the Bellagio (hotel and casino) in Las Vegas are a spectacular testimony to man's imagination and ingenuity. Such independent pioneer thinking is the polar opposite of the...(Read Full Article)