Northeastern University Attacks Holocaust Survivors

"Why would anyone want to give money to Northeastern University?" asks Holocaust survivor Helga Lustig.  That's a question that many donors and parents may be asking, after watching a chilling new video that documents Northeastern's institutional anti-Semitism and its vicious attacks on survivors of Nazi genocide. Located in Boston, Northeastern is one of the country's largest private universities, and was recently ranked by Forbes as America's fourth-most entrepreneurial academy.  Well, it's certainly entrepreneurial at taking money from well-meaning Jewish donors and then smugly using their funds to defame the Jewish people. In December 2010, Steven Stotsky wrote an article in Boston's Jewish newspaper criticizing the misuse of funds donated by his father.  A World War II veteran, Dr. Bernard Stotsky had endowed a chair at Northeastern to study the Holocaust, because he was concerned that the genocide of the Jewish people would be trivialized or forgotten. What drove...(Read Full Article)