Most Easter Lamb This Year Was Halal

Americans have a long history of rejecting coerced religion. From the Pilgrims who came for freedom of conscience to the colonists who decided that the free exercise of religion would be featured first in the Bill of Rights, the American claim to liberty has had religious freedom at its core. That was then.  Now, American shoppers seem oblivious to the fact that a strict religious code -- highly objectionable to many -- is being imposed upon the processing of American meat products. Halal certification of American meat products has largely escaped notice.  Costco is one of America's biggest lamb distributors in the United States, and all of Costco's lamb is processed according to halal standards.  I interviewed the corporate buyer for Costco's meat, and he explained that Costco's halal lamb wholesale purchases are not responsive to Muslim pressure; instead, they are driven by overriding economic factors. To Costco's credit, the big-box chain is one of the few honest...(Read Full Article)