Meet The Tarnished Bureaucrat Who Is Running Our Negotiations With Iran

You may be shocked when you discover who is in charge of our "negotiations" with Iran over its nuclear weapons program. British Baroness Catherine Ashton, so-called foreign minister of the European Union, has emerged as spokesperson and de facto chair of the P5 plus 1 (UN Security Council permanent members plus Germany) which met with Iranians in Istanbul in mid-April. I started to explore the notion that the only result of the Istanbul meeting -- i.e., to hold another meeting in Baghdad on May 23 -- was to confirm that Tehran will enjoy ample time to continue enriching uranium. But when I discovered who Baroness Ashton is, I was shocked. I will leave it to the reader to decide whether Ashton is fit to represent our side in these crucial discussions. Ashton has never been elected to public office and has scant experience in international affairs. Born in 1956, she entered public life in the late...(Read Full Article)