It's Time for the New York Times to Face Reality

To fully appreciate what I'm about to say, you need to watch the YouTube video below, or click here. More than anything that I've seen or read thus far, this video demonstrates what's wrong at the New York Times.  Generally speaking, the executives at the Times are being forced to face reality, and employees at the Times, including columnists, don't understand reality.  The fact that Times columnists don't understand the real world has been evident for a long time in their articles, but their willingness to go public with their fears about proposed pension plan changes proves it beyond any reasonable doubt. Specifically, Times executives are taking steps to make sure that the paper survives over the long-term.  They must make changes to their pension plan, or the company will go bankrupt in due course and cease to exist.  That's the same problem that General Motors faced, and GM would have gone bankrupt without a government bailout that it...(Read Full Article)