Is Profiling Racist, or Does Not Profiling Make You Ignorant?

Since when is something we do every day taboo, like profiling? Every American who can think, profiles. If you are looking for a mate, you profile. In fact, if you search for a mate on line, the first thing you do is establish a profile. You profile yourself! When you fill out a resume to look for a job, your resume is a profile. When you show up for the interview, you are being profiled by your potential employer. You beginning to get the picture? The doorman at a trendy bar profiles, and you won't see anybody getting into one of New York's or LA's trendy clubs who dresses like they are from the chess club. Those same doormen reject anybody wearing hoodies too.    Profiles are based on statistics -- the propensity of certain demographics to do certain things. So for example, if you're black, know that you have a 93 percent chance that the person who commits a heinous crime against you will be black, hoodie or no hoodie. That's not the fault of statistics, those are the...(Read Full Article)