'Buffett Rule' Millionaire Pays Thirty Times His Secretary's Taxes (and Not Such a Different Rate)

Despite all of Barack Obama's bluster about the rich not paying their fair share, one millionaire at a White House event this week let slip that he actually pays thirty times as much in taxes as his secretary, and about the same tax rate. To gin up class warfare against America's wealth creators, Obama on Wednesday paraded out a handful of Democratic Party loyalists, who happen to be millionaires, in an attempt to persuade the public that the folks who pay the most taxes are not being bled enough. These were individuals that the White House claimed were just average, run-of-the-mill(ion) millionaires. By implication, maybe even Republicans. And they want to pay more in taxes. As Obama has persuaded much of the country by now, millionaires pay less than their secretaries, right? Thus, Obama contends we need the "Buffett Rule." One of the millionaires, Whitney Tilson, the managing director of T2 Partners, appeared with his assistant, Kelli Alires. According to BusinessWeek, "While his...(Read Full Article)