Apple, Sweatshops, and the Media's Latest Attempt to Demonize Productivity

Last month, the Public Broadcasting Service ran a story on the poor working conditions reported in Foxconn factories within China.  Foxconn is, of course, most famous for being Apple's main contract manufacturer in the world.  Since Apple as a company has grown due to its popular and innovative electronic products such as the iPod and iPad, the push has been made to shed light on how the creations of the late Steve Jobs are physically built.  When PBS ran the story, the working conditions within Foxconn factories were painted as dire, as some employees experienced "excessive overtime, exceeding 60 hours a week, and problems with overtime compensation, several health and safety risks and crucial communication gaps."  These charges were spurred on by accounts of Foxconn employees committing suicide in May of 2010, and a report last January on the show This American Life where correspondent Mike Daisey spoke to brutal conditions.  Statements in Daisey's broadcast...(Read Full Article)