Anatomy of a Victory: The Importance of MJ Rosenberg's Ousting from Media Matters

The anti-Israel echo chamber has always existed.  For a while, this hateful ideology resonated in the blogosphere louder than it should have.  Not anymore. Renowned lawyer and Democrat Alan Dershowitz's insistence that Media Matters distance itself from anti-Israel advocate MJ Rosenberg has worked.  Rosenberg, the controversial senior foreign policy fellow at Media Matters, was unceremoniously jettisoned from the organization last week because of his bigoted language aimed at American supporters of Israel. Critics had been calling for Rosenberg's ouster for years without success.  Rosenberg's writings were defended by powerful interests, and if anything, the frequency and ferocity of his attacks seemed to increase.  His hasty exit represents an enormous win for supporters of Israel. Removing Rosenberg from his perch as lead attack dog against Israel is no small feat.   It is critical to understand the anatomy of Rosenberg's ouster.  Alan...(Read Full Article)