An Easy Way for President Obama to Pay His Fair Share

Mr. President, for years you have taxed my patience with your talking points of how the wealthy don't pay their fair share in taxes.  The man you picked to be vice president -- one of the most taxing men in politics -- ran around the country claiming that the more you pay in taxes, the more of a patriot you are.  You recently pushed for legislation nicknamed the "Buffett Rule" that would create a minimum tax rate of 30% for certain income groups.  In many of your speeches read off your over-taxed teleprompter, it is clear that you firmly believe that you, the vice president, Warren Buffett, and many other people of wealth should pay taxes at a higher rate. I have heard some pundits ask why you and other people who believe they are under-taxed don't just go ahead and pay more.  I suppose that that is an option, but I fully understand why you may not want to do this, since others aren't being required to do the same. But did you know that there is a very simple...(Read Full Article)