Why Obama Wants the Contraception Mandate to Go to the Supreme Court

The question has been asked: "Why are President Obama and the Democrats spending so much time and effort on universal coverage of contraception?"  Surely they knew that there would be religious objection.  Surely they did not think that such a decision would not go unchallenged.  Why waste time and resources defending a controversial stance with so many other things going on? Recent polls show President Obama's approval numbers dropping among female voters, despite the "War on Women" attributed to the Republicans, and religious leaders have spoken openly from the pulpit, decrying the legality and morality of the contraception mandate, despite some apparent "concessions."  But will this stop President Obama?  I don't think so. President Obama wants the contraception mandate to go to court.  He wants it to go all the way to the Supreme Court, even if he is not re-elected.  Once it finally arrives there, it will be argued as a First Amendment...(Read Full Article)