Obama Loves the Hoodie

I knew it wouldn't take Obama long to see how to make the shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida a political talking point.  "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon."

Is that supposed to make the death of Trayvon much more tragic?

Forget that the killing of a teenager by a neighborhood watch buffoon is a tragedy, one of the many routine tragedies that shouldn't occur in America.  No, Trayvon's death is a crisis of national political proportions.

The media started the feeding frenzy, alerting Obama that the situation could be "racial," reporting the story as: White Man Shoots Black Teen.    

As it turns out, the "white" man who shot the kid was actually a half-white and half-Hispanic man.  Funny how the media considers a half-white half-Hispanic man white, but a half-white half-black president black.  Since many Hispanics are technically "Caucasians," it's only a slight stretch.  Journalistic integrity intact.

The incident was much worse, however, because the teen was wearing a hoodie, making this for the left a clear case of racial profiling.

Hoodie or no hoodie, the kid should not have been shot by Zimmerman, as neighborhood watch is not neighborhood shoot.  Zimmerman took his role way too seriously, and a tragedy resulted.  But is it a national tragedy?

As for Zimmerman confronting the kid, however, that is another story.

A [insert ethnicity here] teenager wearing a hoodie in Florida -- where it's hot -- is reason for a neighborhood watchman to "observe and report."  There were two clues: (1) a teenager was walking and (2) wearing hoodie.  Let's face it: the hoodie is the uniform of the thug, though it didn't start out that way.

The inventor of the hoodie did so with the idea that when people wear sweat gear, their heads and ears get cold at times, depending on the clime.  Being the industrious type that they are, criminals "criminalized" the hoodie, and made it part of their stable of uniforms, much like criminals co-opted Zorro's mask, doctors' spit guard, and women's stockings.

So for Zimmerman to take notice of a teenager wearing a hoodie as part of what he believed to be his responsibilities for neighborhood watch was the right move.  He went too far in what happened next, however, and for that he should be arrested, tried, and given his penalty.  That should be the end of it, except that Obama needs an election issue.

Obama has already hinted at the racial implications of this incident.  Obama will prove that despite America having a black president, America is still "profiling."  The New Black Panther Party has issued a fatwa on George Zimmerman, offering $10,000 for his "capture."

Is a black teenager walking in a hoodie suspicious?  I'd like VP Joe Biden to check his opinion with all the Indians working as cashiers at 7-Elevens or Dunkin Donuts.  I suspect that no matter the ethnicity of cashiers, they have a far different view of people wearing hoodies from what the left is trying to portray.

Leftist blacks ask if white people can be profiled.  Sure they can, and I have a few profiles for them. 

White people driving their cars in "black neighborhoods" could be Crackers -- criminals buying crack, or some other drug of choice.

Here's another profile.  Scantily clad white women standing on street corners in black neighborhoods could be Cracker criminals committing prostitution, likely to feed their drug habits...oh, and their black pimps.

Make no mistake about it; I'm mad at the killing of the teen in Florida who happens to be black.  I'm mad for his death, and I pray for his family.  But I'm also mad because black teens are criminal standouts for the reasons most people are too afraid to say -- black teens commit lots of crime -- vastly  disproportionate to their other ethnic peers.  And those wearing hoodies are exponentially more likely to commit crimes.

This is why the liberals will make hay with situation, even though in this particular case, the kid's ethnicity likely had little if anything to do with his death.  If Trayvon Martin had been wearing Tommy Hilfiger, things could have been different.  God forbid it's the hoodie that causes people to take pause, and not the color of one's skin.

Don't expect the left to impugn the hoodie; the hoodie is the uniform of the criminal.  The left protects such symbols, because the left must protect those who wish to do us harm to prove their tolerance.  Why not make the hoodie our new flag?  At least that way the left won't desecrate it.

But the left won't stop there, because we also need gun control.  No gun, no incident.  Stupid GUN! 

Finally, all the neighborhood watch personnel must go through race and hoodie sensitivity training.  This training must be performed by firm that donates to Democrats and paid for by the taxpayers in order to be valid.  Such are the consequences sought by the left when an overzealous neighborhood watchman makes one tragic mistake.

Obama image by Big Fur Hat of iOwnTheWorld.com

Kevin Jackson is the national spokesman for TheTeaParty.net, as well as an Amazon bestselling author and blogger.

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