Obama Becomes O'mobba

In another historic first, President Obama's backers are actively whipping up mobs.  Not just the Occupoopers of Wall Street, but also Twitter mobs, Facebook mobs, and flash mobs.

Every active conservative should spend some time on social media sites to see liberals whipping each other into a frenzy.  Know your enemy -- and if you don't like the word "enemy" (I don't), consider what Saul Alinsky calls you. You may not consider yourself their enemy, but that's how they think about you.  Ignore it at your peril.

The Obama campaign loves to boast about its use of  Facebook and Twitter to push The One over the top last time.  With Facebook claiming 700 million members, the potential for political mayhem is huge.

This is David Axelrod's specialty of astroturfing.  Obama has become O'mobba: he is the first president in history to give his official public blessing to "idealistic" anti-capitalist mobs.

There is no doubt that these organized "spontaneous" mobs will be used in the election campaign.  Be prepared to face nasty, vicious lowbrow mobs with iPhones and iPads. 

The poopers last week dumped a tub full of their diapers' products in a Chase ATM vestibule in Lower Manhattan.  They have finally discovered their bottom line.

They are now talking about the revolutionary necessity for violence.  An Occumobster from Austin, TX recently wrote to USA Today promising to "take up  ... guns and storm Wall Street and our nation's capitals."  Don't doubt that this is a deliberate, purposeful campaign, designed to frighten and dehumanize normal people (like Tea Party members) in order to keep the radical left in power.

That USA Today letter comes from Richlatte, a fitting moniker for a rich, latte-drinking thirty-something kid who has decided to wage war on productive Americans.  We have millions of spoiled-rotten offspring of the rich, young and old, and they will be bringing hard muscle to bear on Obama's election campaign.  After all, Bill Ayers is the son of a millionaire.  The Wall Street Occupy kids were not able to utter a single coherent word to explain their "idealistic" campaign; nobody had scripted them.  "What are we here for?  I dunno!  Somebody tweeted at me on my iPad.  Police brutality!  Eff the Pigs!"  It was Radical Chic turned into Radical Sick.

In fact, Occupoopers are the first Obama mobs, set up by billionaire-funded outfits like The Ruckus Society.

"Spontaneous demonstrations" is what communist agitators used to whip up attacks against their scapegoats, from Moscow to London.  They were the storm troopers of the left, and they still are.

The discredited old "communist agitator" has now been laundered into the noble "community organizer."  The first  communist agitator was Karl Marx, a child of Prussian wealth.  David Axelrod made his PR millions by organizing phony grassroots campaigns.  The coming year will see astroturfed flash mobs harassing decent and honorable Americans for their political beliefs. 

Take a good look at the Ruckus Society website, because you will see them again, smashing windows and fighting cops wherever media cameras gather.  These are the kids of the powerful starting their own political careers, the way John Kerry did during Vietnam by accusing his Navy Swift Boat buddies of committing war crimes. 

It's the career path for leftist demagogues from Hitler to Lenin.  Germany's biggest Green politician, Joschka Fischer, started out in 1968 as a black-clad anarchist fighting cops in the streets of Frankfurt, where one cop was killed.  It's a career path for these people.  This stuff goes back to the mob demagogues of Greece and Rome, as described by Plato and staged by Shakespeare.

Technology changes, but human nature stays the same.  Which is why the U.S. Constitution is not "out of date."  The Constitution is designed precisely to deal with mobs and their  demagogues.  Obama is not new.  He is old, old, old.  The Founders knew about scores of Obamas, from Napoleon to Oliver Cromwell, all the way back to the Caesars.  The world has always been bubbling over with Obamas and their cults.

Bill Ayers was the son of a millionaire; Penny Pritzker and her Stalinist brother come from billionaire stock; Schwartz Györgyi, aka George Soros, is one of the richest billionaires in the world, and he loves to stir up revolutionary fervor among the brain-dead suckers of the left.  These are the wealthiest and most politically connected people playing phony Marxist revolution.  Soros is not against the rich; he is himself the richest of the rich, agitating against his biggest competitors, the other rich, the ones who are trying to become as rich as he is.

These people are big Obama donors, making billions of dollars from Obama's whacky "energy" schemes -- from Solyndra to the electric car, the green economy, the Chicago Climate Exchange, windmill farms to stop nonexistent global warming, and the campaign against U.S. oil-drilling.  The Saudis are the biggest beneficiaries of Obama's sabotage of domestic oil, which keeps the oil monopoly in the hands of OPEC.  Al Gore, who hates oil and coal, is the bloated heir to an Occidental Petroleum stock.  Re-electing Obama will keep their Crony Capitalist gravy train chugging along.  The Wall Street sucker mobs are their obedient tool.

It's telling that the Occupy mobs started pooping all over Wall Street at the very time the NYSE was going online.  They were protesting brick and mortar, precisely when the stock exchanges were moving into the cloud.  They could have been picketing Amazon.com.  This was pure agitprop symbolism.  Without eager media applause, these kids would be pooping at Mom's on the Upper West Side.

Crony capitalists use coercive socialism to keep down their rivals, using the power of government and the controlled media.  In Hitler's time, it was called "syndicalism," the alliance of the really rich with rabble-rousing demagogues.  Europe today comes very close to syndicalism.  There's nothing "progressive" about it.

Capitalists like Steve Jobs are the real revolutionaries.  Demagogues hop on the gravy train to squeeze capitalist inventions for their own benefit.  Today they will use Google to abolish your privacy and brainwash your children.  If Obama gets re-elected, you can kiss web privacy and free speech goodbye.

Obama's radical friends in Hyde Park are millionaires.  Michelle Obama's biggest campaign is against poor kids who eat too many McDonald's hamburgers.  Think about that.  For the first time in history, "the poor" are the people who eat too much.  When the Obamas talk about "the poor," the only individuals they can think of are the ones who can't afford arrugula.  Damn that capitalism!

Communists are never workers or peasants; they are always café intellectuals who spend their lives feeling envious and enraged, ready to terrorize productive people to fuel their rise to power.

The Obamas could have used the American presidency to do something about true misery and poverty, hunger, violence, African slavery, and genocide.  They haven't taken even a single step to solve the disaster of inner-city education.  It isn't trendy enough.  It won't help Obama's career.  He needs black rage to run again.  If you're a Democrat, you're not supposed to talk about women and children living in slavery in Muslim households around the world, under threat of "honor killing" if they try to escape.  By empowering the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran's mullahcracy, Obama is imprisoning millions of women.  The Arab Spring is the sound of millions of jail cell doors being slammed on hundreds of millions of women, children, and yes, men who want to live free.  As for the plight of blacks domestically, it is now worse than before Obama's election.

Those facts should be obvious to a child of six, but it's those funny prisms the left wear over their eyes that make it impossible to see straight.

Here is how the first big "anti-colonialist," VI Lenin, ran his mobs:

 Comrades! The insurrection of five kulak districts should be pitilessly suppressed. ...

        1. Hang (and make sure that the hanging takes place in full view of the people) no fewer than one hundred known landlords, rich men, bloodsuckers.

        2. Publish their names.

        3. Seize all their grain from them.

        4. Designate hostages in accordance with yesterday's telegram.

        Do it in such a fashion that for hundreds of kilometres around the people might see, tremble, know, shout: "they are strangling, and will strangle to death, the bloodsucking kulaks".

    Telegraph receipt and implementation.

    Yours, Lenin.

    Find some truly hard people.

Mob manipulation is always the same.