Obama and the Volt

Has anybody else noticed the disturbing correlation between Obama speaking for a product and that product failing miserably shortly thereafter?  And they say this guy gives good speeches.  Solyndra, Evergreen Solar, SpectraWatt -- the list of failures touted by Obama goes on and on and on.  Midas was to gold as Obama is to blood-red ink.

When Obama visits a factory, it becomes a "failure factory," doomed to the scrap heap of defunct businesses.  Obama is such a bad luck schleprock, that if Obama were to warn the CEO of a company of his visit, I recommend that the CEO have all employees stay home and that he put a sign on the lobby door that reads, "Factory Being Remodeled Until Nov 6, 2012...unless there is no God and we have to close for an additional four years!"

Sometimes, however, it doesn't even take a visit from Obama, and all Obama has to do is mention a company by name to doom it.  Obama's State of the Union addresses or stump speeches have corporation marketing executives and shareholders shaking in their capitalist boots.

Companies are realizing that when Obama helps, it hurts.  And getting "stimulus" from Obama is like possessing the Hope Diamond, where nothing comes of it but despair.  GM is finding this out the hard way.

Three days after Obama touted that he would get a Volt after his second term ends, GM temporarily (ahem) halted production and laid off 1,200 workers.

Obama declared that he will buy a Volt in 5 years, which only confirmed that Obama is straight-up delusional.  Furthermore, Obama will obviously be getting a used Volt, because the new Volt has been struck by a lightning "volt" as it were.

Obama went on to say to the fawning UAW crowd, "I sat in a Volt, but the Secret Service wouldn't let me drive it."

There you have it -- the Secret Service saving lives, protecting America from Obama.  Because who knows where that Volt would have ended up?  In a ditch?  Over a cliff?  Or perhaps Obama would run over American taxpayers with the goofy look on his face that he had when he took his daughters to ride bumper cars?

Obama supposedly can do anything in the world he wants as he is the leader of the free world.  However, apparently there is a Secret Service directive to not allow Obama to drive anything, as Obama and cars just don't mix.  Neither do Obama and business.

GM "temporarily" halting production of the Volt is like Rick Perry or Herman Cain "suspending" his campaign.  One can only surmise that GM is colluding with DOJ on how to force Americans to buy the Volt, because they sold only 603 in January.  Prospects to sell more are as dismal as the real unemployment numbers.

This is because the only way to sell the Volt is by force, by mandate -- dare I say by executive order?  The Volt is a disaster, and it represents Obama to a t -- an overpriced underperformer, soon to be out of production in 2012.

The fact that GM halted production on the heels of the Obama speech is symbolic of the Obama administration.  The demise of the Volt proves that the government shouldn't be in the business of picking winners and losers.

If we are keeping it real, politicians don't pick winners; they only pick losers.  It is liberal politicians (on both sides) who don't believe in the free market, which is why liberals pick losers.

Liberals love losers, because liberals are losers.  Liberals love experimenting on losers, as if loser DNA will somehow create winners.  Liberals are searching for a taxpayer-funded cure for themselves, and the research just keeps backfiring.

Obama has financed all these boondoggles in a spending orgy, because he hopes that it will make him a winner.  Obama is the hillbilly lotto-winner-turned-big-baller at the gentlemen's club who actually believes that the women love him and not his money.  He is destined to be back in the poor house within a few short years.

Obama and the Volt deserve each other, and America should provide Obama a Volt as part of his severance package later this year.  We should take the necessary step to provide him another ten of those boat anchors, so he has enough spare parts.

Kevin Jackson is the national spokesman for TheTeaParty.net and an Amazon best-selling author and blogger.