No-Labels Movement: Another Liberal Trick

After twenty years of mentoring athletic children, my brother is not coaching a little league football team this year.  He said things have changed.  He ranted, "The kids run the show.  They do not fear or respect anyone.  Parents cuss you out or worse for verbally disciplining their child.  Some teams have banned keeping score, and every kid gets a trophy -- pure politically correct namby-pamby feel-good garbage."

Powerful life lessons are learned through experiencing the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.  I still remember my little-league baseball championship game.  We led 15 to 2 in the third inning.  Coach told us to slack off a bit as not to humiliate our opponents.  We lost that game.

If Eric had cleanly thrown the ball to me at second base, I would have completed the rally-ending double-play.  I dropped the ball, but it wasn't my fault.  Honest!  However, I learned to never slack off.  Pursue to victory!

Okay, I'll get back on topic.

I viewed my non-political brother's frustration as what is described as a "teachable moment."  I explained to my Obama-voter brother that the source of his frustration was liberalism, which is infecting every area of our culture.

This is my same younger brother who scolded me a year or so ago for criticizing Obama's unfolding liberal/socialistic agenda.  He said, "Give the brother a chance!  Bush really screwed things up.  Obama can only deal with one thing at a time."

The "No Labels" movement has taken root in some conservatives.  These conservatives say, Let's talk about right versus wrong rather than liberal versus conservative.  Labels divide us.

I believe that this is a mistake.  Breaking things down into liberal philosophy versus conservative philosophy helped my non-political brother to understand, as we children of the '60s would say, where Obama and company are "coming from."

Obama, Al Sharpton, and the NAACP support Planned Parenthood, whose founder boldly proclaimed her mission to be the extermination of the Negro.  Why would these blacks support Planned Parenthood?  Answer: they are liberals first and foremost, black and Christian second and third.

This was my first time making inroads into breaking my brother's "Walking Dead" zombie loyalty to Obama solely because we share the same skin color.  My brother is becoming aware of what liberals, including Obama, are doing to our country.

I explained to my brother that conservatism is about doing what is best for everyone.  Liberalism is about making spineless feel-good decisions, careful not to offend anyone, which ultimately end up harming people.

Recognizing and naming your enemy is extremely important.  Many years ago, when I was clueless about politics, I thought my local radio talk show host was a nice guy until a friend said, "He's too liberal for me."  My friend proceeded to explain liberal versus conservative, and the scales fell from my eyes.

I was able to see the emptiness of the talk show host's utopian rhetoric -- void of reality, counter to the human spirit, designed to make himself feel good and superior about what a wonderful, compassionate person he was.  Liberal government-control, spending-other-people's-money programs always fail.  Their programs actually make things worse.  Undaunted, liberals take credit for their intentions.

Some Christian "no-labels" conservatives believe that it is unloving to view liberals as our enemies.  But acknowledging who and what a person is does not equal hating him.  My conservative-minded brother, who has always voted for liberal Democrats, is beginning to see the error of his choices.

However, there are liberals who are, dare I say it, pure evil.  They despise all things wholesome and good.  Thus their repulsion of patriotism, traditional values, and moral standards.  Short of a miraculous road-to-Damascus experience, these liberals simply must be defeated.

Please do not misinterpret my passion to define and defeat liberals as hate.  And quite frankly, hate is not what we conservatives do.  Ten to one, the vitriolic language and threats comes from liberals.

The No-Labels movement is a stealth tactic by liberals and their mainstream media buddies to hide the fact that the majority of Americans think as we do -- conservatively.  Here is a brief video of liberals (OWS protesters) dumping feces in a lobby ATM.  Such reprehensible behavior is inconceivable to conservatives.

The desire of 99.9 % of conservatives, of all races, in America today is to keep avenues open, without government roadblocks, for every American to be all they choose to be -- free to achieve their American Dream.  "Conservative" is a label I wear with great pride and honor.