Mr. Obama's Kulturkampf

TIME Magazine's nation editor, Amy Sullivan, thinks all this talk of President Obama's "war" on religious liberty is overwrought.  She told a recent Georgetown gathering that it was absurd to claim that the latest mandate from HHS ranks with such horrible events in American history as the Philadelphia Bible Riots of 1844. To be sure, those riots were terrible.  Catholics and Protestants in the City of Brotherly Love attacked each others' churches in a series of violent clashes that left several dead.  In nearby New York, however, the situation remained tense but calm.  That's because Catholic Archbishop "Dagger John" Hughes made it clear that if a single Catholic Church was torched, he'd make sure New York looked like "a second Moscow."  The reference was to Napoleon's burning the Russian city in 1812.  (The "dagger" referred to was for his piercing sermons, and perhaps his Irish wit, not for any weapons he carried.  Thank God.) Well, Editor Sullivan...(Read Full Article)