Iran: Obama Has Surrendered

It's vital for Americans to realize that Obama has already surrendered the defense of the civilized world.  We know that, because the critical window of opportunity to prevent Iranian nukes has been closing, closing, closing.  The risk of preventive action is getting greater by the day, which means that the optimal time for intervention is now fading as the Iranians continue to disperse and fortify their nuclear industry.  Every honest military adviser must have explained this to the White House, echoed by the Saudis, the Gulf States, the Israelis, the Turks, Afghans, Middle Eastern Christians, and yes, European atheists.

Charles Krauthammer just wrote:

Iran is tripling its uranium output, moving enrichment facilities deep under a mountain near Qom and impeding IAEA inspections of weaponization facilities.

So what is Obama's real objective? 'We're trying to make the decision to attack as hard as possible for Israel,' an administration official told the Washington Post in the most revealing White House admission since 'leading from behind.'

... The world's greatest exporter of terror ... the systematic killer of Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan, the self-declared enemy that invented 'Death to America Day' is approaching nuclear capability -- and the focus of U.S. policy is to prevent a democratic ally threatened with annihilation from pre-empting the threat?

Obama has failed to act when it was safe to do so -- because we know how to intervene in Libya, in Gulf War I and II, and in the Tanker War of the 1980s.

We do not have to repeat the Bush mistake of occupying a bad actor like Saddam Hussein; all we need is to keep his jets and missiles from ever launching, using a no-fly zone.  The Bush invasion of Iraq, followed by a failed nation-building effort, was overreach.  But pre-emption is still the only way to stop nukes.

Instead, Obama has preemptively surrendered.

The Clinton administration did the same things with North Korean nukes and missiles.  In the Clinton years, Madeleine Albright waltzed with Kim Jong-il, the mass murderer, quietly conceding nuclear weapons to North Korea.  She came back to the U.S. and proclaimed a great victory.  The Norks agreed to give up plutonium bombs and worked on enriched uranium instead.  Bill Clinton claimed that he solved the problem and our Moron Media applauded, and today the North Koreans have nukes.  They are exporting them to places like Iran, and Slick Willie danced away scot-free.

Nuclear proliferation is therefore the product of the American left, in direct collusion with fanatical madmen around the world.  I don't want to believe that, but it keeps happening.

Gordon Chang just reported that China has sold long-range missiles to Iran -- missiles able to drop nukes 3,000 miles away, the distance across the Atlantic.  America is now coming within range of Islamofascist missiles -- soon, not some imaginary time far from now.

China has also been revealed to be behind North Korean nuclear and missile development.  That way China can evade responsibility and still weaken and endanger the West.

Last week Obama forced Netanyahu to agree to postpone any military action until after the election, to avoid the possibility that Obama may have to take a tough decision. 

If he is re-elected, Obama will keep dithering and let the mullahs become the great regional power in the Gulf, with incalculable consequences.  The Middle East will go nuclear, because the Saudis and Egyptians will have to defend themselves.

If, on the other hand, we luck out and a Republican is elected, any American action will be viciously criticized by the left.  This is how they operate: Clinton let Osama bin Laden slip away four times after the 1993 truck-bombing on the World Trade Center, and when 9/11/01 happened, the New York Times blamed Bush.  Jimmy Carter knowingly facilitated the first Islamic fascist regime in Iran, and today the left blames Israel for surviving.

The radical left is never wrong, even after 100 million dead in the 20th century.  Once you control the organs of propaganda, you control what people think.

Obama's dereliction is not an accident.  He is knowingly failing to do what all American presidents since FDR and Woodrow Wilson have done: to defend this country against another rising wave of  totalitarianism.  When Obama pretends to speak in defense of Israel and America, he is simply lying.  His true values are expressed by the ignorant armies of the Occupy movement raging against capitalism and freedom.

Black nationalists like Obama hate capitalism for ideological reasons -- but capitalism means economic freedom, which sustains political freedom.  For radicals, the political use of mobs is preferable to middle-class peace and prosperity, or what Jeremiah Wright rails against as "middleclassness."  That is why the Occupy movement is still training mobs for the election campaign, courtesy of the SEIU.

Last weekend Leslie Stahl, the famously objective star of Sixty Minutes, interviewed Israel's former head of intelligence, Meir Dagan.  Stahl freely admitted to the development of Iranian nukes, and Dagan was invited to argue that Israel cannot defend itself against massive missile attacks.  It was just another Sixty Minutes ploy to persuade America that the mullahs can't be beaten.

First you empower the deadliest enemies of civilization; then you demoralize our side.  It's not hard to see how the radical left operates.  They always have the same moves.  They always surrender to truly evil ideologies.  This is what they believe.

The United States is still by far the most powerful nation in the world, and the only power capable of knocking down rogue regimes hankering after nukes.  It is absurd for Israel, a nation of 7 million, to have to defend Western civilization, including Europe, America, and what remains of a moderate Middle East.  This is what Carter's foreign policy guru calls "strategic vision."  The rest of us see it for what it is: abject surrender to barbarism.

Once the American nuclear umbrella is breached and Islamic missiles are twenty minutes from our soil, radicals can dictate their terms.  Nobody will dare to challenge them.

Twenty years ago, the Soviet Union crumbled, and Western civilization was triumphant.  Today the Western left has hacked big holes in the bottom of our lifeboat, and we are in genuine danger again.

This is not about Israel.  It is about civilization, which is all the good things you and I take for granted.  It is about freedom for women -- now that hundreds of millions of women have been locked into medieval tyranny all over the Arab and Persian world, thanks to Obama and Jimmy.  But don't expect the New York Times to take notice of the lights going out all over the Muslim world, because they are too busy slandering Sarah Palin and the next Republican standard-bearer.  The left is a political parasite.  It will consume its host if it is not stopped.

What we are seeing in the Muslim world is not an accident, but an act of suicidal sabotage by the left-Islamist alliance.  Obama and the rad-left Democrat establishment have knowingly sabotaged our defenses wherever they've had a chance.  That is why Jimmy Carter now defends -- defends -- Iranian nuclear weapons, and argues that the Muslim Brotherhood are just a bunch of good guys.  Well -- ask the 10 million or so Coptic Christians in Egypt, who are now stampeding for the exit.  Christian Copts built churches in Egypt before the rise of Islam.  Today they are under attack again by the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist fanatics.

The Democrats' left-of-left foreign policy has been to sabotage American victory in the Cold War, to undo what they see as American hegemony.  That is why the left continues to enable the mass criminality of the Sudan, Iran, and the "Arab Spring" reactionaries at the United Nations.

The real axis of evil is forged between Islamic fascism and the left.  That is why we are being accused of "Islamophobia," and that is why multiculturalist nonsense was shoved down the throats of unwilling college students for decades.  It was to sabotage Western civilization, the common enemy of the radical left and Islamic fascism.

The Hitler-Stalin Pact of 1938 is back with new players, for the identical strategic reasons, because the totalitarians of Marxism and fascism have a common enemy.

That would be us.

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