Fluke and Liberals' Bodyguard of Lies

Winston Churchill declared that in war, truth was so precious that it must always be accompanied by a bodyguard of lies.  Because liberals are at war with American society and their true beliefs are repugnant to most Americans, liberals constantly conceal the truth of their beliefs with sweet-sounding lies.

Liberals constantly create a cloud of lies about their support for tolerance and diversity to conceal the absolutely intolerant core of their faith.  Americans are informed that tolerance requires them to accept pornography, abortion, gay marriage, casual sex, and everything else that liberals happen to like.  Strangely, however, liberals are not required to tolerate things they don't like, such as calling Christmas Christmas.

Fortunately, the strange case of Ms. Fluke has parted the veil of lies and revealed the heart of the liberal faith.

Sadly, Rush's calling Ms. Fluke a couple of names -- names far less offensive than used by liberals to describe Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Michelle Malkin, or Ann Coulter -- has diverted the conversation from Ms. Fluke's true evil.

Ms. Fluke believes that it is a good thing to use the full power of government, judicial and political, to force people to go against their moral principles.  Like a Roman emperor of old, Ms. Fluke believes that if one will not burn incense before the idols of modern liberalism, that person should be crushed by the state.

To remove the issue of contraception from the mix, imagine that Ms. Fluke chose to attend an Orthodox Jewish or Muslim University so that she could force said university to serve pork.  While the Jews and Muslims would not be required to eat pork, they would be required to buy it, handle it, prepare it, and serve it.  What reasonable American would think that that was a tolerant tactic?

What can be more monstrous than coercing people into doing what they believe is evil?  What greater crime can one commit against a person than using the force of government to coerce him to become an apostate to the faith he believes in?

An old woman from one of the Baltic states who'd lived under Nazi and Communist oppression was asked which was worse.  Her answer was that if you did what the Nazis wanted, they left you alone, but the Communists demanded that you think what they thought.  Essentially the Nazis merely wished to enslave or possibly kill you, but the Communists wanted to steal your soul.

Like those Communists, Ms. Fluke, and the armada of liberals who support her, will not rest until all bend their knee to the gods of liberalism. 

Just as sharia law imposes penalties on those who will not become Muslim, so would Ms. Fluke create a second-class citizenry out of those who do not share Ms. Fluke's liberal views on contraception, abortion, and the other sacraments of liberalism.  Lest you think this confrontation is about contraception, remember that the HHS mandate covers chemical abortions, and note that Ms. Fluke has written that insurance companies should be required to cover sex-change operations.

Most Americans agree that it is a great evil to forcibly convert people to other faiths.  But liberals embrace the old ways of coercion with nary a hint of concern.  We've seen it before when, in Illinois, liberals drove Catholics out of the adoption business by forcing adoption agencies to declare the virtues of homosexual couples.  In the liberals' brave new world, observant Catholics need not apply for jobs that help children.

Ms. Fluke is advocating the use of government power to force Catholics now, and all Christians later, out of the public square.  In Ms. Fluke's world, if one does not hold to the liberal faith, one can't operate a hospital, orphanage, or soup kitchen.

Ms. Fluke's evil is far more than merely advocating that society has an obligation to pay for individuals' recreational sex.  Rather, she seems eager to push all who don't adhere to her faith into social ghettos where they can commiserate with their co-religionists, but where they cannot proclaim their beliefs as part of the American political process and operate according to their beliefs, institutionally and personally.  To liberals, the right to exercise one's religion is superseded by the government's right to compel obedience to the liberal agenda.

The intolerance of Ms. Fluke is the culmination of the liberal war on America.  For decades Americans have been told that they must tolerate the tenets of the liberal faith because in doing so, they are respecting the rights of others.  At the same time, however, Americans have been told that liberals are not required to tolerate what liberals do not like.

Liberals declare that it's wrong to put a Nativity scene up on public property during the Christmas season, or to even call it a Christmas season, but it's fine to erect, at taxpayer expense, a statue of Nietzsche or even the Meso-American god Quetzalcoatl.

With Ms. Fluke, however, liberals have gone beyond demanding tolerance to demanding the obedience of Americans to the liberal faith's moral code.  While liberals still try to play the victim card -- poor Ms. Fluke is merely a simple law student whose life is harsh due to the need to pay $9/month for her contraceptives -- in reality it is they who are the oppressors.

One of the things that has made America great for so long is the willingness of Americans to tolerate beliefs they don't agree with.  While all has not been sweetness and light -- recall Protestant attacks on Catholics via the Blaine Amendment -- generally speaking, Americans have not supported institutional oppression of even fringe religious groups.  In fact, the vast majority of Americans would agree that the increasing tolerance toward people of other faiths is a good thing.  That this is so is proven by the lack of real persecution of Muslims in America after 9/11.

Yet Ms. Fluke and her ilk would forcibly drag us back to the second century and the persecution of Christians.  Like her Roman predecessors, such as Caligula, Ms. Fluke doesn't see any need to be tolerant of those who disagree with her beliefs.  Just like the Romans, Ms. Fluke views those who do not bow to liberalism as a threat to the state -- the new American state founded on abortion and enshrining liberal hegemony that Ms. Fluke and the core of modern American liberals wish to create.

If all truly tolerant Americans do not speak out against the liberals' claim for a special place for the liberal faith in America and vote against the politicians who support this new America, then America will end up being a sharia state with the tenets defined by people such as Ms. Fluke.

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