Democrats Ignore Real Racism while Exploiting Trayvon for Obama 2012

I caught a portion of testimony by a Jewish woman who escaped extermination in a Nazi concentration camp.  She said that upon their arrival, she was separated from her family and herded with other young women who looked strong enough to work.

The women were ordered to strip naked.  Their heads and bodies were shaved.  She said that even sisters did not recognize each other afterwards.

Clueless regarding the Nazis' agenda, the naïve new arrival asked a fellow prisoner who had been there a while, "When do we get to see our families?" The woman replied, "Stupid girl.  See the smoke coming out of those stacks over there? That's where they are burning your family." The young woman said that petrifying fear overtook her body.

Folks, can you imagine the horror and all-encompassing fear? I cannot imagine being in that woman's situation, and I pray that I never will.  How could human beings treat fellow human beings with such cruelty?

In 1977, Alex Haley's Roots: The Saga of an American Family hit the airways as a TV miniseries.  It was the story of Haley's family, from Africa to America.  Millions of hearts were broken, black and white, watching the scene in which the African boy, Kunta Kinte, was brutally whipped until he accepted his newly assigned America slave name, "Toby."

Critics feared that airing Roots would cause race riots.  A few knuckleheads did act up.  Even though Haley was later proven to be a fraud, I believe that Roots at least put a face on slavery and helped people of all races to relate to each other as human beings.

The same compassion decent people felt for Kunta Kinte is the compassion I felt for the elderly Jewish woman as she told her horrific story.

Visceral hatred towards Jews and the desire to see them exterminated is alive and well today -- ignored, tolerated, and in some cases even promoted by Democrats.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has threatened to "wipe the Zionist regime off the map." Obama's Democrat pastor of twenty years, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, is outspokenly anti-Semitic.  Rev. Wright is reportedly endorsing the "March to Jerusalem," an anti-Israel event.

Media Matters, which has close ties to the Democratic Obama administration, is anti-Israel.  Their staff member M.J. Rosenberg is particularly hostile.  Meanwhile, Democrats are bending over backward trying to make the Trayvon Martin shooting all about racism -- a black-vs.-white thing.  The reporters in the mainstream media are helping their Democrat buddies promote their black-vs.-white storyline by labeling the Hispanic shooter, Zimmerman, a "white" Hispanic.

Most Americans view the Martin/Zimmerman incident as a tragedy.  The usual "Democrat" suspects are despicably exploiting Trayvon to inspire racial hatred and anger for political gain, fueled by their own racial prejudices and resentments.

Al Sharpton and several other Democrats are playing out a scene we have seen in numerous cowboy movies.  A loud-mouth stands on the jailhouse steps, attempting to get the crowd so enraged that they will overrun the sheriff, break into the jail, drag out the accused, and hang him without due process of law.

The anti-Jew, anti-white New Black Panther Party is offering a one-million-dollar bounty for George Zimmerman, Martin's shooter, to be captured and surrendered to them.  For the most part, the illegal bounty has not been criticized by the mainstream media or the Obama Justice Department.  Can you believe that?

Reasonable, decent Americans know that trying the Martin/Zimmerman case in the media is wrong.  Pure and simple.  Ironically, the people who are screaming for justice for Trayvon are acting like a lynch mob.

Folks, my point is that Democrats are committed to dividing black and white Americans along racial lines.  Democrats are running to microphones and TV cameras spreading irresponsible, racially inflammatory rhetoric as if it were 1950 rather than 2012.  Sharpton said at the Trayvon rally, "We've come to tell you enough is enough.  We are tired of going to jail for nothing, and others going home for something."  Jesse Jackson said, "Blacks are under attack." According to the Democrats' take on race relations in America, it is inconceivable that our nation's first family is black.

Step one was declaring the Tea Party racist.  Exploiting Trayvon is step two in the Democrats' efforts to create a political black-vs.-white race war in which black Americans are so isolated, unified, and enraged at white America that they will monolithically run to the polls in November to rally to the defense of "their" black president.

I shared with you the terrifying experience of our Jewish sister in the concentration camp and the painful breaking of a young black boy's spirit by his white slave master in the TV miniseries to help us realize our shared humanity.

We are Americans -- good people blessed by God.  Please do not allow self-serving reprobates to divide and destroy us.

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