Chicken sandwiches for family bad, ice cream for same-sex marriage good?

Ben & Jerry's ice cream is ubiquitous.  You can buy it in supermarkets, video stores, gas stations, movie theaters, pizza outlets, and ice cream shops around the world.  And besides just making and selling ice cream, Ben and Jerry are often trying to make and sell a point for the left -- namely, that it's time to redefine marriage worldwide. And that's their right, certainly.  In fact, they require all franchise owners to share their political and social view.  Note, however, that you hear nothing but crickets about this while the left and its willing allies in the media relentlessly attack Chick-fil-A for its views about marriage -- views that don't fit with the left's agenda.  The hypocrisy is staggeringly obvious. For example, in 2009, Ben & Jerry's demonstrated their support for marriage redefinition in Vermont by changing the name of "Chubby Hubby" ice cream to "Hubby Hubby."  And now, they are giving their Apple Pie-flavored ice cream a new...(Read Full Article)