Obama, the Great

History is replete with great men like Barack Obama -- transformational leaders of wide renown, seeking to shape history in their own image, never realizing it is not great men who make history; it is history which makes great men.  

Our president has never been more than an epigone of a great man.  And the cold glare of history will see Barack Obama for the man he truly is -- and it will not matter what the meaning of "is" is.

"The world will little note, nor long remember" Barack Obama, because contrary to his own opinion, he is the nation's worst president.  He is an arrogant, hyper-partisan, race-baiting, committed socialist -- a man whose deliberate attempts to transform the nation into a banana republic, with pictures of himself on the side of every building, have been thwarted only by his need to win one more election.

I can see Jimmy Carter smiling already, having handily won the battle to be penultimate -- if only by default.

People like the president as a person, saying he's a great guy, a good husband, and a fine father.  Good person or not, he has been disastrous as a president.  And he is the worst kind of disaster: a disaster who thinks himself a huge success -- fourth-best president ever -- and that was him just being modest

Didn't he give himself a "good, solid B+" on Oprah after his first year?  Didn't he halt "the rise of the oceans" and heal the planet?  Hasn't he "got some game" like LeBron, and doesn't he "know more about policies on any particular issue" than all his policy experts?

When he departs the presidency, whether it is on 1/20/13 or after four more years of our misery, he will surely sashay into the history books, great or not.  In his next job as emperor of the U.N., he can air out his post-American anti-Americanism to his natural audience -- other anti-Americans -- while maintaining the myth of his autodidactic polymathism.  

The world knows that Obama worships at the altar of Obama, but what I don't understand is why so many Americans and the press buy into his self-delusional perception of magnificence.  From his first day in office, he has made one bad decision after another, ham-handedly making the nation's situation worse at every turn. 

His energy plan has been to triple the retail price of gasoline, home heating oil, electricity, and all energy in general -- he's almost there.  We can afford it -- we're all working...aren't we?  In any case, haven't we reached a point where we've "made enough money"?  Us, not him -- he'll always make money.  He's an author; just ask Bill Ayers or Jack Cashill.

His policy to reduce the unemployment rate has been to get as many people as possible to give up looking for work -- because you aren't really unemployed if you've given up hope and stopped looking.  Reduce the labor force participation rate enough, and the unemployment rate will go to zero -- something even Reagan never dreamed of. 

You see, Reagan went about it the wrong way; he tried to create jobs, when the better course of action would have been to destroy people's hope of ever finding employment.  Congress had better not "muck" up Obama's master plan of reducing hope, or the rate will go up again.

His Justice Department seeks justice for some and not others.  A Black Panther in paramilitary garb is not an effort to suppress voting, yet asking for ID is.  Photo identification is necessary to get food stamps, cash a welfare check, get on a plane, and even enter the Department of Justice building itself, but having to show ID at the polls is a racist plot to deprive minorities of their right to vote. 

The Justice Department's Fast and Furious program killed hundreds of Mexicans, yet Obama's "my people" attorney general, Eric Holder, acts as if our outrage is racially motivated.  Barack Obama does not care about dead Mexicans on the other side of the border.  Really, they're only Mexicans, and they couldn't have voted anyway.  At least if they had made it to America, they would have been able to "punish" their "enemies" and vote for him in the coming election.  It's not like anyone needs ID to vote. 

His economic policy has been to borrow as much money as possible to reward backers and Obama-supporting crony capitalists, explode the deficit, and add $5 trillion to the national debt, while waging class warfare and labeling as obstructionist anyone who dares to oppose him -- our messiah, the one "we've been waiting for."

Our president speaks endlessly about the unfairness of people working harder and acquiring more, while others have less.  Despite the fact that in America, the rich and the poor carry the same cell phones and watch the same cable TV shows on remarkably similar TVs.  Both have access to comparable medical services -- pre-ObamaCare, at least.  Their homes are cooled and heated to the same temperature, and they each have access to the same information on the internet. 

Maybe the rich man has more minutes, more channels, and a bigger TV.  Perhaps he can afford a private hospital room, and a larger house, but the poor in America are not starving by the side of the road in tattered rags.  In fact, obesity is rampant among America's underclass.  Remember when the rich were fatter than the poor?  Not anymore -- but give Obama four more years and he'll take care of that.  By then, we'll all be starving by the side of the road.  

On foreign policy he has held out America's hand only to have our enemies slap our face.  We will likely be at war with Iran within the next year.  The mullahs have taken the measure of our President and come to the conclusion that the only people who fear Barack Obama are Americans.  They will continue to develop a nuclear weapon, and war will become inevitable.  The death toll in the coming conflagration will be staggering.  All as Barack lines up his next putt or takes his umpteenth vacation on America's dime.  Maybe he'll give a speech -- he likes that.

The great man chooses not to help the poor earn more, but to make the non-poor more poor.  His energy policy seeks not to make green energy cheaper, but to make all other energy more expensive.  Jobs are not created; the workforce is shrunk.  He talks peace, leads from behind, kills from afar, and makes war more likely. 

Despite his handily destroying our present, and making a hefty down payment on destroying our future, the legacy media is still all-in on Barack Obama. 

Since the New York Times has changed its motto from "all the news that's fit to print" to "we print what news we see fit," they have been shedding readers and advertisers, losing $40 million in 2011.  They are like GM in 2007.  Maybe there's a bailout for them in the sequel, Obama, Return of the King

Opposing a president was patriotic when it was opposition to a president opposed by liberals -- now it is simply racist.  You see, to be against a great man like our president is to be a bigot.  Barack Obama and his minions will always judge a man by the color of his skin and not by the content of his character. 

Isn't it amazing how far the great Barack Obama has taken the nation in such a short time?  Does anyone believe he will be a better leader when he doesn't have to worry about our votes? 

Certainly he will give us more change, but hope will have to wait until 2016.