No Warming for Fifteen Years. But Does It Even Matter?

Fifteen years is a hell of long time to have to listen to ever more hysterical pronouncements that the end of the world is nigh -- all without that predicted disaster happening to even the most minimal degree.  And yet, according to a report released recently by the U.K. Met Office and the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit, nothing at all is exactly what has happened.  These putative climate authorities' data, accumulated from more than 30,000 research stations, shows that the world's temperature has not risen for a decade and a half.  The revelation, as one would expect, headlined news across the world. The problem with this latest report, of course, is that it is in no way revelatory all.  Oh, sure, it extends by half again the amount of time that the globe has refused to conform to predictions of behavior made by those who have assured us that they are experts.  But so what of it? It didn't exactly matter when the fundamental claims of Al...(Read Full Article)