Another Black History Month: The Left's Favorite Time of the Year

Alas, another Black History Month...or as the left likes to view it, their annual "Opportunity To Exploit Race Month."  It is the month in which liberals attempt to convince us that race relations in America have progressed very little since the days of police unleashing dogs on civil rights activists. Rather than presenting a balanced, honest look at black history, leftist schoolteachers and the media say America is still racist and whites should feel eternally guilty.  Also included in the left's message is that blacks must continue to vote monolithically for Democrats in order to keep rich white Republican racists at bay.  Yes, for the most part, Black History Month is a propaganda tool of the Democratic party. Black history is woven with remarkable blacks who strove for excellence and achieved major success.  Knowledge of such black pioneers would inspire black youths and help them realize how blessed they are to be born in America, the greatest land of...(Read Full Article)