Two Silly Notions: Biofuel Mandates as Carbon Neutral and Rhino Horn Medicine

I don't know why it is so, but it seems as if the folly of others causes so much suffering in Africa, a place which could do without extra disadvantage.  I had a wonderful vacation in South Africa, but while there I learned of the havoc being waged by biofuel companies working to meet the UK's biofuel mandates and the illegal slaughter of the rhinos to meet overseas demand in Asia and the Middle East. Both the mandates and the belief in rhino horn medicine are silly and unscientific. Biofuels To meet a questionable danger (global warming) European bureaucrats have set unrealistic standards for biofuels.  Because of  obvious errors on their part,  these projects will in any event increase, not decrease ,carbon emissions. This, in turn, has promoted the destruction and impoverishment of Africans who rely on the land being prepared for biofuel growth to survive. Jatropha is a plant which produces oil bearing seeds and which is well suited to the growing conditions in...(Read Full Article)