The Six Dirty Secrets of Presidential Politics in 2012

It is amazing to me how many political opinions/predictions from seemingly intelligent people are so clearly wrong and how little it seems to matter to them or anyone else in the punditsphere when this is inevitably proven to be true. The reasons why this is the case are many, but at the core of this phenomenon is the fact that there are several basic realities of presidential politics that appear to have somehow failed to pierce the bubble/echo chamber of the media elites.  These are, if you will, the "dirty little secrets" of presidential elections in general and 2012 in particular. You simply can't properly evaluate what will happen this November without first understanding that: Ignorant votes rule No matter how politically incorrect it may to say out loud, there is absolutely no doubt that the voters who determine who wins our presidential elections are frighteningly lacking in even basic knowledge of the issues or the candidates. While this has probably always been the...(Read Full Article)