The Broken Window Theory of Crime Applied to Broken Marriages

The Broken Window theory of crime suggests that not attending to small infractions leads to an avalanche of larger crimes.  If broken windows are not repaired, vandals will continue to smash them. All well and good, and I agree.  Crime aggregates, and failure to confront vandalism leads to societal dissolution.  But there is another type of community failure that has not been addressed -- that's broken marriages. I teach boxing at Gleason's Gym.  In the last fifteen years, I have not run into a kid who is living with both his parents.  They all come from divorced families and are shuttled back and forth between their parents' homes, dealing with stepsiblings who come from their parents' serial marriages. This may or may not lead to aggravated crime, but it certainly leads to emotional pain and confused dissolution of the founding hierarchy of our civilization.  Familial anarchy is its own emotional crime.  The windows are broken in a...(Read Full Article)