Seizing the Wealth of Landlords, One District at a Time

The real property of the landlord class is being liquidated, slowly but steadily, in one odd corner of America, with the nation as a whole blissfully unaware of the slow-motion seizure underway.  In Washington, D.C., before the very eyes of the world's media, the rental property of landlords is being handed over to their tenants, step by careful step. After Congress granted the District home rule in 1973, its elected officials found thumbing their nose at the city's former overseers more rewarding than trying to run a competent and honest government.  Since then, several city agencies and programs have been forced into court-ordered receiverships because of the District's utter ineptitude in managing them.  But that has barely made a dent in the psyche of local politicians.  Although they often wax eloquent about how much they care about the District's most vulnerable residents, the receiverships, scandals, and multiple screw-ups that have continued to plague the...(Read Full Article)