Romney Supporters: Herbert Hoover Was a Successful Businessman and Manager, Too

In this Republican presidential primary cycle, no endorsement will be able to match former GE CEO Jack Welch's assessment of Mitt Romney in its sweeping claim: "In my lifetime, Mitt Romney is the most qualified leader I've ever seen run for the presidency in the United States." Though CEOs love fellow CEOs, a record of sound or even brilliant business leadership is a lousy predictor of eventual political success in either gaining the presidency or governing successfully after winning it.  Whether it's Wendell Willkie, Ross Perot, Donald Trump, or Mitt Romney, American presidential races regularly produce candidates or potential candidates whose business management prowess is touted as a key distinguishing advantage in the field of contenders.  Thomas Sowell (who has come out in support of Gingrich) notes that "Romney's talking point that he has been a successful businessman is no reason to put him into a political office, however much it may be a reason for him to become a...(Read Full Article)