On the Intellectual Inferiority of Liberalism

Liberalism used to be a respectable position for intelligent, well-meaning, and informed people. That was a long time ago. No longer.

Today the "liberal" faith requires an extraordinary act of ignorance, purposeful forgetting, and constant spinning. To be a faithful "liberal" today you have to forget the whole 20th century, and its 100 million victims of the radical left -- that is, victims of Obama's brand of leftism. You have to shut out of your mind the fact that Obama hails from today's Chicago Machine, the most storied and undemocratic political machine since Boss Tweed.

You have to ignore the bloody history of black nationalism in America, where Obama's hero Malcolm X was assassinated by the followers of Elijah Muhammed. You have to ignore the racial blackmail that has controlled American politics since the rise of the post-MLK "civil rights" movement, when all the heroic actions of a few civil rights campaigners like Martin Luther King, Jr., was taken over by dangerous racial demagogues like Rev. Al, the Rev. Wright and the radical left.

All those facts have to be sunk into your capacious black hole of memory, along with the history of the Soviet Union and its 100 million helpless victims. The Nazis only had 13 years to kill six million Jews, and even more Gypsies, homosexuals, Poles, democratic Germans, and of course, the religious. The Soviets and Chinese had seventy years or longer, and killed correspondingly more millions of victims with the same style of sociopathic control freakery.  North Korea is the biggest Communist museum piece today, but nobody on the liberal side seems to take any responsibility for it -- just as they deny their alliance with Muslim fascists all over the world, who are agitating for another century of mass murder.

As Michael Ledeen recently pointed out, the Hitler-Stalin alliance is alive today, only the names have changed. It's now called Left-Islamofascism. The same old murderous alliance under a new label.

If you are a self-labeled "liberal" today, you own that history; therefore you must deny and evade it.

After watching "modern" liberals  for a couple of decades, I've come to suspect that their viciousness (what we see in the media and the left every single day) is a result of deep and abiding guilt. Because at least the "liberal" leadership cannot be as ignorant of their own history as they pretend. The brainwashed masses may be completely ignorant, but nobody can be as ignorant of history as Obama pretends to be.

Obama grew up on the Stalinist left, all the way from his childhood in post-bloodbath Indonesia to his adulthood in Chicago politics; Michelle is the daughter of a Chicago ward boss; Bill Ayers, their good friend and political enabler, knows all the bloody history of Communism in detail, and glories in it.

These people cannot be ignorant of the 20th century.

A deep guilt has to be gnawing liberals today, the ones who are not innate sociopaths. When media creatures like Bill Maher peddle hatred disguised as humor, there are only two possibilities: Either Maher is ultimately cynical, and therefore a sociopath (a person without conscience); or he and his cult manage every single day to stave off the moral implications of their heroes -- Karl Marx, but also intellectual Nazis like Martin Heidegger -- by raging at the rest of us.

They are deeply troubled people, and they can only live with themselves by ranting at good and decent, normal people. Michael Moore has to think of a new and more vicious slander to throw at us, to keep down his own knowledge of irredeemable guilt.

There is no moral difference between the radical left and the Nazis, and they must know that elementary fact from Politics 101.

Which brings me back to my title. Liberalism used to mean the love of political freedom.  Real liberals used to read Locke, Mill, Voltaire, the Founders, the political wisdom of the Western Enlightenment. Today self-labeled 'liberals' love mass murderers and those who justify mass murder: Karl Marx, the post-modern 'philosophers', the totalitarian left, Thomas Friedman, the New York Times and Islamic fascism. Like any utopian cult, these pseudo-liberals justify it all, not by the horrors of the past (which cannot be justified at all) but by some dream image of the future. The next time they'll get it right! Because they have good intentions, you see.

Obama helped to bring down the (relatively) moderate regimes of the Arab world and thereby unleashed a New Dark Age reaction from Yemen to Tunisia. Tens of thousands of people have been killed in the sadistically mislabeled "Arab Spring," according to StrategyPage.com. The whole Arab Spring scam is frightful, a great disaster, far more murderous than the propaganda scam of the Palestinian "Nakba," the disaster of losing Jerusalem to the infidels (who are Jews and Christians who freely allow Arabs to run their own holy places there).

The Arab Spring is the real Nakba. Not just because tens of thousands of Arabs are being killed every day in Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Somalia, and elsewhere. But also because the Arab world is living in daily dread of Iranian nuclear weapons. The Saudis have no greater enemies than the militant Shiite regime of Iran. Ayatollah Khomeini hated the Saudi Sunnis, and tried to overthrow them as usurpers of the holy places of Mecca and Medina. Every Sunni Muslim in the world knows that history. The Arab Spring -- so-called -- has therefore exposed all the stable Arab regimes to lethal danger.

That is why Niall Ferguson, the Harvard historian, recently warned that capital flight from the Arab world meant an inevitable breakdown of the economies of Egypt and Syria. People are beginning to suffer from starvation and civil breakdown in the Arab world. That is why the Prime Minister of Egypt broke down in tears at a recent press conference.

Obama hasn't done real Muslims any favors with all the hoopla about a non-existent "Arab Spring." Instead, he has forged another alliance between the atheistic left and the medieval Muslims of Iran, Turkey and the Arab world. That is what "liberalism" has come to mean; it is the polar opposite of real liberalism. John F. Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, and even LBJ and FDR would be running against Obama if they were living today.

As Obama reportedly told Hillary in a yelling, screaming fight at the White House when he repeatedly demanded in public  that President Hosni Mubarak must step down, it was all for a good cause, because all real revolutions are "organic." The President of Arugula does not know much about organic, but in this case it seems to mean that the Muslim fascists who are even now beating and bloodying half a billion women and girls in their homes, to keep them voting rock-solid for the Muslim Brotherhood, are "organic." They are "real."  Islamic moderates and modernists who brought a century of near-democracy to Turkey and Iran are just foreign infections, according to Obama's perverse reading of history. This is ideological madness. It is not "empathy," as Obama told a self-satisfied roomful of San Francisco liberals at the beginning of his 2008 campaign. It is sadism, if anything. Only a Third World ideologue of the Jerry Wright variety could believe that making things worse is going to make them better.

If you're a liberal today, you've somehow ended up on the wrong side of history. That is a vast cultural disaster, but much more for victim nations than it is for the self-preening West. Twisting liberalism into a pretzel is a feat of mis-education and propaganda the likes of which we have not seen since the rise of mass electronic media.

Most "liberals" today do not believe in freedom, but support tyranny. That inversion of history has been accomplished by mass propaganda. If you doubt that, just ask your nearest friendly liberal what they think about "fundamentalist Christians." It's a hot button that will set of a flood of rage, all due to the leftwing media propaganda.  Just try it on your family and friends.  It shocks me every time I see it, because it has absolutely no basis in reality.  Liberal hatred of believing Christians comes to you courtesy of the mass fantasy machine.  (American Abolitionism, which led to the Civil War, was a created by believing Christians.  Just listen to the words of the Battle Hymn of the Republic.)

I see smart and educated people clinging to a wrecked belief system  like that Italian tourist ship that just flipped on its side. The genuine liberalism of Harry Truman, JFK, and Walter Lippmann is dead as a doornail. Instead we have the left radicalism of Obama, who grew up on the hard, hard Stalinist left.  Obama is called a liberal, but he is an authoritarian anti-Constitutionalist with major totalitarian tendencies. Obama is certainly not a Cold War liberal like JFK, Hubert Humphrey, LBJ. If the Cold War were raging today Obama would be pro-Soviet.

 We do not have a real "civil rights" movement any more. We have a Civil Revenge movement, as the great comic talk radio host Ken Hamblin has said so well. Hamblin made "The Black Avenger" his standing joke, along with his free "Certificate of Absolution" for any whites obsessed with racial guilt from the Civil War (1861 to 1865, when 600,000 mostly white folks died fighting over slavery and a united America).

The Civil War is 150 years old. The Civil Rights laws were passed in the 1960s, long before the current brainwashed generation of "liberals" came of age.  Those old resentments are just kept alive to keep demagogues in power.

Today the Axelrod mobs of the OWS movement are totally ignorant, like the peasants in Czarist Russia. They just riot because they are told to. Just ask them a question, any question, about politics and reality. They don't know a thing because they have been kept dumb and obedient. They are educated ignorami.

Liberalism is dead. The radical left has killed it. Then the left stole its good name.

That is a very sad fact. But it's even worse to fall for the leftist media scam.

We don't have many liberals left. The New Republic is fighting a rearguard action, and there are a few genuine liberals of good will, who keep hoping the Democratic Party will change. Fat chance. The "liberals" today are the wishful totalitarians of yesterday.

Obama is not a liberal. We have no liberals in positions of power or prominence any more.

Any time the radical power class uses that word "liberal," the sane people of this country should scream at their computer screens. Don't fall for it. It's a lie.

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