Obama's Dismal Job Performance

Hanlon's Razor states that one should "never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."  It's a fitting adage for Barack Obama.

It's easy enough to demonstrate Obama's incompetence as president.  You would think he would get something right for America every once in a while, if only accidentally.  Yet that seems to not be the case.

During this year's State of the Union address, our president touted his success in energy production and job-creation, among other things.  A week earlier, after canceling the Keystone XL pipeline, Barack Obama traveled to Disney World and, firmly ensconced in fantasy-land, said much the same thing.

The saddest thing about all this -- despite the misery he is bequeathing to the nation in the years to come -- is that Barack Obama sincerely believes he is doing a great job

Indeed, under Obama, many have prospered.  U.S. government employees -- all 2 million of them, with an average salary of $74, 403 -- are doing great.  Public-sector union members are also doing fine.  Crony capitalists, who fund the Obama machine, are doing spectacularly -- there's always an extra stimulus dollar for a backer of Barack.

In fact, most of this president's supporters of are doing swimmingly -- except, of course, the poor, who have gotten poorer.  Then there are minorities, who have gotten substantially poorer, and the legacy media, which, despite having sold its soul in support of Barack Obama, is shedding viewers and readers by the millions. 

Americans, who have seen their futures evaporated in a cloud of hope and change, have lost wealth with the declining value of their homes; have lost earnings as wages fall; and are paying more for food, gas, home heating, and electricity.  Whoever thought to remove corn from food to put into gasoline -- and thereby increase the price of both -- is probably also the architect of Barack Obama's energy and employment policies.

A reelected Obama will be Barack unbound -- unbound by the Constitution, respect for the opinions of others, moral convention, or fair play.  His benevolence in doing for us what he knows is best will have no restraint or restriction.  He will fix this nation even if it kills us.

Michelle Obama said in 2011, "I always told the voters, the question isn't whether Barack Obama is ready to be president.  The question is whether we're ready."

The official measure of unemployment, U3, which includes only those unemployed and actively seeking employment, is 8.5%.  The rate would be 11% if as many people looking for work before Barack Obama became president were still looking today. 

For African-Americans, the U3 is almost 16%; among black teenagers, it is approaching 45%.  For Hispanics, the rate is over 11%; for Hispanic teenagers, it's 25%.

The U6 unemployment rate, which adds in the underemployed and the discouraged and no longer looking (but still wanting to work), is at 15.2%.  If you include those who have left the workforce altogether, the rate is closer to 23%. 

"Today, American oil production is at the highest level in eight years, and last year, we relied less on foreign oil than in any of the past 16 years," Barack Obama said to the 38 million people watching on Tuesday night. 

While he has no problem, three years into his presidency, whining about the "mess" he inherited from George W. Bush, he also shows no shame in taking credit for the accomplishments of GWB's energy policy.

The administration's decision to reject the Keystone XL pipeline is the latest acknowledgement by Barack Obama that jobs are unimportant, but it is only one of many.  The administration has turned the Gulf of Mexico into a "no drill" zone, ignoring court orders and using the permit process to halt development.  

Recent regulations from the EPA are a naked attempt to shut down coal-fired electrical generation, responsible for 50% of America's electricity. 

Shell Oil, having spent $4 billion trying to develop tracts, already leased and paid for, north of Alaska, gave up when the EPA denied permits to begin exploratory drilling.

At every available opportunity, Barack Obama has waged war on energy, shutting down future drilling off our coasts and in the interior.  Production is up, but this is despite Barack Obama, not because of him. 

The president has now announced an auction of 38 million acres of oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico.  Yet any company willing to pay for a lease under this president would have to be either stupid or confident that 01/20/13 will be the end of an error.

The president had little interest in the 20,000 construction jobs that the Keystone XL pipeline would have created, or the 20,000 jobs lost due to his moratorium in the gulf, or the tens of thousands of jobs that will be sacrificed eliminating coal-powered electricity.

Mr. Obama gives not one frack for jobs in natural gas production, despite what he said in his SOTU.  Anyone who thinks that a re-elected Barack Obama will allow any substantial new energy production in America has another think coming.

A job is a job only when Obama says it is a job.  And, if that job is in the fossil fuel industry, it can't be saved or created -- only destroyed.  And the only job Barack Obama has ever sought to save or create is his own.

Raising the price of all energy is Barack Obama's master plan, and he won't change it despite its effect on employment.  Instead, he wants to change America.  The simple solution of working to make green energy more affordable is beyond his brilliance, so better to make all other energy more expensive in order to make green energy seem cheap by comparison.

The president's own Council on Jobs and Competitiveness recently advocated for an "all-in approach" to fossil fuel development and production, calling "timely development of pipeline, transmission and distribution projects" vital for employment and the nation's energy system.  Unlike Mr. Obama, these people worry about jobs.

Gasoline at $4 a gallon may seem expensive, but it is too cheap for our transformational, anti-energy, anti-jobs president.  At over $10 a gallon, Obama's clean energy idiocy and the billions of taxpayer dollars flushed down the green energy toilet will finally make sense. 

Our president will not allow oil to pass through a pipeline we control, yet he has no problem forcing it to travel through the Strait of Hormuz or on railcars provided by Warren Buffet -- don't be a galoot, trains don't pollute -- whose secretary pays a higher tax rate than he does on the $200,000 she makes answering his e-mails and sitting in the presidential box at the SOTU next to Michelle, who didn't look angry at all.

The TransCanada Corp. pipeline would have cost taxpayers nothing, unlike Solyndra and all the other crony-capitalist Obama delusions.  Since 2008, the company spent $2 billion in its quest for approval, and it would have picked up the entire cost of construction, estimated at $7 billion

Canada will still build a pipeline, except it will be to their Pacific coast.  China, the world's largest polluter, will use the oil just as we would have -- except, perhaps, not as ecologically or efficiently.

With risks and costs inherent in transporting oil across an ocean, it is not unreasonable to make the assertion that building the Keystone XL pipeline is actually better for the environment.

Environmentalists like the president are the true 1%.  They already have big houses and nice cars.  Polluters are those who want big houses and nice cars.

Environmentalists, always willing to sacrifice the jobs and well-being of others, will not be satisfied until most Americans are unemployed and forced to give up their cars and shiver at home in the dark because they cannot afford gasoline and heating costs, not to mention electricity and light bulbs

To our president, the most important thing is that Americans realize no benefit, accrue no advantage, and have life no easier by responsibly utilizing resources.  To him, we need to be punished for our previous prosperity, and we therefore shouldn't be using resources at all.  With his decisions on energy, our president has chosen misery, poverty, and decline for America.  The nation doesn't need jobs; we have him

Before he was elected, Barack Obama promised that his policies would make the price of energy "skyrocket."   If you think about it, it's really the only promise he has kept. 

Americans are just too simple to understand how good this is.  Perhaps Barack's bitter half, Michelle, was right -- we aren't ready for him.

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