Now We Know Who Was Right about Obama

Now we know.  After three years in office and the launching of his second election campaign, we have experienced President Obama's leadership.  We can see whom we elected president -- the mystery man of 2008 revealed. Democrats were in ecstasy over the great healer, the multiracial candidate who would bring together red states and blue states, black and white, coasts and flyover country.  Republicans saw the man with the most leftist, least bipartisan voting record in Congress being installed in the White House.  We now know who was right.  Democrat professionals Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen this July pleaded with Obama in a Wall Street Journal column, "Our Divisive President," not to run for a second term.  They describe his leadership as toxically divisive to our country.  According to Gallup, Obama's approval gap after one year was the most polarized in history, with an average approval of 88% among his own party and 23% among...(Read Full Article)