Jordan's King and the Muslim Brotherhood: An Unholy Marriage

Preface by Ted Belman I have been in touch with Mudar Zahran for over a month now.  He is seeking support, of all kinds, to assist the Jordanian Palestinians in building a democratic and secular party to contest what will hopefully be the future elections in Jordan.  As the Palestinians represent the majority of the residents of Jordan, they expect to form the next government, given fair elections.  Zahran advised that they were prepared to invite all Palestinians throughout the Middle East to come to Jordan and receive full citizenship.  This would solve the Arab-Israel conflict in a blink.  In addition, he wanted my help in building a lobby to convince the U.S. administration to induce King Abdullah to democratize.  I asked him to write the following article.   The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordon has been witnessing protests for the last ten months, though much less intense than those of the Arab Spring.  Still, the protests there are very...(Read Full Article)