Ron Paul Supporters Are Worth Talking to Amicably

On December 30, AT ran a very lively, informative article called "To Get Ron Paul's Insanity, You Have To Understand Libertarianism," by Don Feder.  As I received it, the article dealt with this question: what is to be done about Ron Paul? Especially interesting was the panel of commentary.  Commenters were basically at odds with Mr. Feder, and each other, over the question of just how amicably libertarians and conservatives ought to regard one another.  As one insightful commenter noted, the answer to this question lies in the past -- specifically in our framing era -- not in our future. To be blunt, the "fusionist" philosophy which distills both conservatism and libertarianism cannot be called a new amalgam, because the constitutional ratification debates of 1787 and 1788 across the new American states were peopled exclusively by proto-fusionists.  As such, the product of such debates -- the Constitution -- became the font of American fusionism. Granted, among...(Read Full Article)