Even Hollywood Can't Make Abortion Pretty

Hollywood may appear to be America's main manufacturer of cultural influence, but all too often, some starlet will come forward and remind us how out of touch Tinseltown is with mainstream America.

The latest example: actress Maggie Gyllenhaal's recent comments supporting Planned Parenthood in a Glamour magazine column.  In it, she describes attempts to curtail the flow of tax dollars into Planned Parenthood's already overflowing coffers as attempts to "restrict women's access to reproductive health services -- things like cancer screenings, birth control and abortion care."

"Abortion care" -- a phrase equal parts disjointed and sickening, and completely out of touch with reality.  Think about it.  How much "care" does abortion provide to the preborn children who are either ripped alive from their mothers' wombs -- sometimes piece by piece -- or killed in the womb and then stillborn after labor is induced?  How much care has it provided to the increasing ranks of women who regret their abortions and their lost motherhood?

It just doesn't seem like the word "care" should ever be used in conjunction with "abortion."

Using typical leftist lingo, Gyllenhaal refers to these attempts to end tax-subsidized abortions as "attacks."  She then complains that "Planned Parenthood [was] the only health care provider to have been targeted ... in recent federal legislation."  Perhaps she selectively forgot about the debates over ObamaCare?  I can only surmise that she doesn't know that Planned Parenthood was also the only abortion-provider to receive nearly half a billion dollars in taxpayer funds last year.

Yet all Gyllenhaal can see, were Planned Parenthood defunded, is gloom and doom.  And to prove it, she writes that a loss in funding would restrict "access to the services Planned Parenthood provides," which in turn would "affect [the] millions of women" who turn "to a Planned Parenthood health center at some point in [their] life."

She then doctors the numbers to state that "more than 90 percent of these centers' services are in preventive care; 3 percent are in abortion care."

But Gyllenhaal's liberal-party-line figures conveniently omit the fact that "abortion procedures made up 91 percent of Planned Parenthood's services for pregnant women" in 2010.

In other words, 91 percent of Planned Parenthood's services for pregnant women resulted in almost 330,000 abortions last year alone.

Gyllenhaal is just a small example of a problem endemic in Hollywood.  After all, most of Hollywood's film industry exists in an oasis of make-believe.  It's a fantastical place full of otherworldly sets and studios that distort reality to allow us to believe in hobbits; blue aliens; and a singing, dancing frog puppet -- a place that brings the never-was to life.

And often -- again, as Gyllenhaal illustrates -- Hollywood's denizens are just as divorced from reality as the films they make.  The industry's starlets may act in movies that red-staters go see on Friday nights, but they themselves grasp at ideologies and value systems that are absolutely antithetical to those of moms and dads throughout America.  They're alienating the very people they cater to in their films.

Stripping Planned Parenthood of taxpayer money may not fit Maggie Gyllenhaal's vision for a Hollywoodized America.  But her misguided protests notwithstanding, defunding Planned Parenthood is not only understandable, but necessary, to those who love life.

Catherine Glenn Foster is Litigation Counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund.

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