Conservative Happy Warrior Challenges Warmist Ed Markey for House Seat

First things first: if that headline has your blood flowing, read no farther and go to Jeffin2012 to chip in whatever you can to Jeff's campaign.  Jeff reads American Thinker faithfully, and he jumped at the chance to talk with AT.  A pile of $20 donations can make a difference in this race, and it's one that deserves national attention. Jeff Semon is the real deal.  Semon (accent on the second syllable, like "Simone") is an unabashed free-market Ronald Reagan conservative, a 6'3" guy with a Marine haircut who looks you in the eye and quotes Milton Friedman and Friedrich Hayek with a sunny smile.  Zero RINO-squishitis detectable.  He's from Lexington, Massachusetts ("the birthplace of American liberty," Jeff likes to say), a business consultant working full-time to support his family -- including his two-week old daughter.  He comments that he "did not grow up with a silver spoon in [his] mouth": public high school and UMass Business School, not prep...(Read Full Article)