Vampire Government: How the Left is Sucking the Life out of the Private Economy

The current financial debacle in Europe and the near-bankrupt status of the United Sates have been brought about by an obsessive loyalty to statist doctrine and an inability to admit failure -- traits common to the left on both sides of the Atlantic.  The current dilemma is the end-product of decades of uncontrolled spending and economic policies promoted not to benefit the people in the long term, but to maintain the power base of the dominant governing class.  The path to insolvency taken by the countries of Europe and the United States has been on a parallel track. Facts and reality matter little to the insufferable American left and are generally ignored if they do not support the left's contentions.  At that point, "creative" interpretation or outright denial takes over.  Economic statistics and discussions can often cause the eye of the average reader to glaze over or the listener to become confused by the terminology and incomprehensible numbers...(Read Full Article)